Fix Funimation App Not Working On PS5: Here’s How

This quick guide will show you step-by-step how to fix the Funimation not working on PS5 problem on your PlayStation 5 console, in just a few minutes.

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It’s hard not to love the Funimation app because arguably the best anime platform on the market, and its library is second to none. It’s also a great hub for your favorite shows and movies, which is great if you’re looking to catch up with some of your favorite anime series. But If you own or recently bought the PS5, are a Funimation subscriber, and also facing Funimation app not working on your PS5 then you are alone. There are many PS5 who have reported problem with the Funimation App on PS5. Here’s what you can do to fix Funimation App not working on PS5.

Fix Funimation App Not Working On PS5: Here’s How

Funimation is one of the best streaming services online. It provides its users with thousands of hours of content to watch. It provides them with anime, cartoon and cartoon-related programs and videos. A lot of people are interested in it, because it’s the best streaming service. Unfortunately, the Funimation App for PS5 has been undergoing a lot of issues. This can be pretty frustrating for many users, especially if they’re paying for the premium service. Here’s how you can get around the issue and fix Funimation App not working on PS5.

Solution 1. Restart Your PS5

If you’re having trouble streaming anime through the Funimation app after a few minutes of frustration, we recommend restarting your PS5. This can help fix any temporary bugs that may have caused the app to stop working.

To restart your console, make sure that the PS5 has been turned off for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Next, turn it back on and wait until your entire system can be used again. Try to run the Funimation app again and see if this fix worked. If it didn’t, we suggest checking other apps on your PS5 to see if they are also having problems running. If they’re working as expected then try using Funimation again and see if it works now. However, If it is not try other workarounds from the next section in this list.

Solution 2. Clear Cache of Funimation app on PS5.

If the Funimation app on your PS5 is not working at all, lagging, or freezing, then it’s probably a good idea to clear its cache. A lot of times, the reason for glitchy or slow performance is the cache. If you haven’t cleared your Funimation cache in a while, this may be why it’s not working on your PS5. You should also do this regularly as clearing the cache can improve performance and fix other problems too. It’s even possible that clearing the cache could fix any issues preventing you from signing in to your account using your email address and password. To clear the cache of the Funimation app on PS5, simply follow these steps:

  • To do so, go to Settings of PS5 and select Saved Game.
  • Then, go to the Game/App’s Settings and tap on Saved Data(PS5).
  • Here, click on Console storage and go to Delete.
  • Now choose the Funimation app and tap on Delete.
  • Now you need to restart the console and launch the Funimation app again to see if it fixes the issues.

One word of caution: clearing the cache can put any saved data at risk as well, so be aware that if there are important details stored with Funimation, they may be lost when deleting all data resets everything to its factory settings!

Solution 3. Check Internet Connection Or Test Your Network Speed

Before you do anything else, check your internet connection. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet, and make sure your Wi-Fi network or your wired internet connection is stable. If you’re having trouble connecting to certain websites or services at the moment, it may be a problem with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Once you’ve confirmed that your internet connection is stable, try running one of your other apps/games/anything else to see if it works. If you’re able to scroll through Instagram or play Animal Crossing: New Horizons just fine, then the problem isn’t with your connection—it’s with Funimation.

If everything else seems functional except the Funimation app, then there may be a problem with their servers and not your connection.

Test Your Network Speed

  • To test your connection speed, you need to go to []( It’s a website that allows you to easily check for any problems with your network’s connection speed.
  • Once you get on the website, click on “Go” and wait for it to finish loading the webpage and checking your internet speed.
  • If the results are above 5 Mbps, then there’s no problem with your internet connection and you can move on to other possible solutions in this guide. Otherwise, if they aren’t above 5 Mbps, then it means that there are one or more issues with your internet connection preventing it from streaming Funimation without buffering or freezing every few seconds. In this case, continue reading below as we discuss more fixes for funimation app not working on PS5.

Solution 4. Check If Funimation App Experiencing Outage

Whenever Funimation App is not working on your PS5, then you should also need to make sure that the issue isn’t being caused by a service outage. When there’s an outage or other issue, it’s common for people to flock to Twitter and complain about it. There are also websites dedicated to tracking these problems or check server status, so you can check if Funimation App is experiencing any issues by going to sites like the following: Downdetector. If there is an outage and other users are affected, the best thing to do is wait for the service provider to fix the issue.

Solution 5. Update Your Funimation App To The Latest Version

The next step you can take is to update your Funimation App to the latest version. We all know how annoying it is to use a buggy app, whether it’s on your mobile phone or TV or your PS5. Having the latest version of an app is vital for its stability and quality, as updates often include bug fixes and performance upgrades that improve its overall performance.

To do this, visit Media Section of the PlayStation store and go to the Funimation App from there. Then, select Option button on your PS5 controller and tap on “Check for update” and update if there is a new update available. Once installation is complete, restart your console and reopen the app again. You should be able to access all its features by now.

Solution 6. Delete the Funimation App and Reinstall

If you find that your Funimation app isn’t working on PS5, the first thing to try is deleting the app and reinstalling it. It sounds like a silly step, but sometimes apps can get corrupted or have other issues that prevent them from running properly.

Hopefully, this guide fixed the error Funimation app not working on PS5 issue on your PlayStation 5. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below. Before I wrap up this article, if you have enjoyed reading this article, please share it with your friends.

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