Fix FIFA 22 Friends Not Showing Up On PC: Here’s How

FIFA 22 is one of the best soccer games available on PC. The game has been designed with a lot of precision and creativity. However, there are some issues that you may encounter while playing it. One such problem is your friend list not showing up in the FIFA 22. If you are facing this issue, then we have some solutions for you. We will discuss how to fix FIFA 22 friends not showing up on PC below:

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FIFA 22 is the latest entry of football simulation franchise, developed and published by EA Sports. It has been getting positive reviews and a huge fan following. But, still it suffers from certain in-game issues on PC that many players are reporting. One among the common issues reported by the players is regarding their friends not showing up on the friends list. So, If you’re playing FIFA 22 on PC and wondering why your friends aren’t appearing on the friend list, even though they’ve met the minimum requirements, you are not alone. Friends not showing on FIFA 22 on PC is an annoying and frustrating bug that can be a real pain in the neck. However, it is possible that you can fix this issue so you can play with your friends again.

So, In order to help you solve the issue and play with your friends online, this article will provide a detailed tutorials.

Why Friends Not Showing Up On FIFA 22

The next generation of the game is being released in October 1, 2022 and people are reporting on the EA forums about a problem. Apparently, gamers can’t see their friends on the PS5 version of FIFA 22. This might be because of an unresolved glitch in the new version that doesn’t allow people to see their friends. However, If you want to play with your friends, make sure both of you have the same console and version of the game.

But having met the required requirements, but still struggling to see your friends on your PS5 friend list, you can try the following fixes to play with your friend until EA announces a fix.

How To Fix Friends Not Showing Up In FIFA 22

If you’re having trouble with your friends list not showing up properly in FIFA 22, don’t worry, there are some fixes and workarounds that you can try to solve this issue on your PC. Check this out below for more information.

Solution 1. Log Out and Back In

You may want to try logging out of your account and then back in again. This can fix many issues, including not being able to see friends online, not getting notifications when they play or send invites, missing friend requests and more.

Solution 2. Restart FIFA 22

If you’re having friends not showing up in FIFA 22, one of the simplest solutions is to restart the game. Restarting will clear out any temporary glitches and should fix most issues with your friend list or matchmaking. This will fix most issues and get everything back to normal.

Solution 3. Check Origin Notification Settings For Invites

This can also be the reason why your friends are not showing up in FIFA 22 on PC. If you are having trouble inviting your friends on FIFA 22, make sure that you and your mate have added each other as Origin friends on FIFA. And once you’ve done this, toggled your status on Origin to active/online and enabled notifications so you’ll receive invites.

Solution 4. Play Same Version Of The Game

Now that you’ve made sure you’re both logged in, the first thing to check is that you are both playing on the same version. If one of you has upgraded to a newer version and this isn’t reflected in FIFA 22, then it’s possible that your friend won’t appear in-game. Make sure they have updated their game too.

Solution 5. Allow The Game In The Firewall

If you want your friends to show up in FIFA 22, you will need to allow the game through your firewall. This is a security measure that protects your computer from malicious software and viruses, but it also restricts some programs from being able to access the Internet.

For Windows 10 users, this can be done by going into settings and then selecting “Privacy.” Then scroll down until you find an option called “Windows Defender Firewall” and click on it. On this page, make sure that “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”, look FIFA 22 from the list and select it. Now, Tick both the “public” and “private” checkboxes and click on “Ok”. Here is how you can:

  • First of all type “Windows Firewall” in the search box next to the Windows Start and open it.
  • Now go to the “Allow an app or feature through Windows firewall” and click “Change Settings“.
  • Here, look for FIFA 22 from the list. If you are not able to find it then, click on “Allow another app”, navigate to the directory where you’ve installed the game, and select the .exe file.
  • Once you find your game’s .exe file, tick both the “public” and “private” checkboxes and click on “Ok”. And you are done!

Solution 6. Clear The Cache File In Origin And Steam

You should also try clearing the cache in Origin and Steam’s launcher to fix the FIFA 22 friends issue in PC. Many have reported that clearing the cache has fixed the issue. Once you’ve cleared your cache, restart your PC and launch FIFA 22 to see your friends.

Solution 7. If Nothing Else Works, Try Reinstalling FIFA 22

If nothing else works, try reinstalling FIFA 22. This is the last thing you should do before giving up on your game and going to a friend’s house or buying an entirely new one. Make sure that you have the latest updates installed before reinstalling it; otherwise, you may run into problems with corrupt files or missing programs.

About FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is the latest game in Electronic Arts’ popular soccer franchise. It builds on a foundation of gameplay and modes established by the previous game, FIFA 21 with addition some new gameplay features.

The biggest changes coming to FIFA 22 are related to gameplay. These include improvements to mechanics, AI and animation systems, Hypermotion & True Ball Physics, Goalkeeper Revamp, as well as new ways for you to play online with friends or against strangers. The studio has also introduced more customization options, including character creation tools and a new mode called Co-op Seasons that lets players compete online together over multiple seasons.


We know how important your friends are in any game, and we know the frustration you feel when they’re not visible. We hope that these tips have solved your problem. If you did follow the steps above and it still doesn’t work, we recommend contacting EA Support to raise this to their attention.

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