Final Fantasy XIV: Island Sanctuary Guide

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Welcome to our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide; in this article, we will check out the latest in Final Fantasy content to hit our screens. The Island Sanctuary is an unlockable paradise where players can grow their resources, raise livestock and acquire some items and resources exclusive to the Islands. So, if this sounds like something you’re interested in, grab your FFXIV Gil, and let’s get into the requirements.

How to Unlock and Access the Island Sanctuary

Go to Old Sharlayan (X:11.9, YY:11.0) and speak with the Clueless Crier. They will offer you the quest ‘Seeking Sanctuary’; you must be at least level one or above and have completed the main storyline quest ‘Endwalker’ in order to accept this offer.

Once you have completed the necessary quest and unlocked the island, you will want to gain access. You can do so by heading to the Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Nosecea (X:24.9, Y:34.8) and speaking with Baldwin. To leave your island, you can use Return/Teleport or the boat(X:9.2, Y:28.3).

Additionally, by completing the starter tasks for Felicitous Furball, you will get an introduction to the basics of the Island Sanctuary content.

How To Acquire Rare Animals

You’ll need to round up some animals to ensure your farm will have a successful harvest. Unfortunately, some of these animals are only found in specific locations, others in certain weather conditions. So we have compiled a list to showcase how to locate and acquire these animals.

Animals and Spawning Conditions (Time Based)


  • Time – 12am-3am Location – (X31,Y11)

Island Billy:

  • Time – 3am-6am Location – (Y26, X22)


  • Time – 6am-9am
  • Location – (Y20,X26)

Star Marmot:

  • Time – 9am-12pm
  • Location – (Y15,X19)

Apkallu of Paradise:

  • Time – 12pm-3pm
  • Location – (Y19,X11)

Dodo of Paradise:

  • Time – 3pm-6pm Location – (Y16,X19)

Island Stag:

  • Time – 6pm-9pm
  • Location – (Y20,X19)

Animals and Spawning Conditions (Weather Based)

Ornery Karakul:

  • Weather – Fair Skies Location – (X20,Y23)

Black Chocobo:

  • Weather – Clear Skies
  • Location – (X13,Y11)

Gold Back:

  • Weather – Rain
  • Location – (X31,Y28)

Grand Buffalo:

  • Weather – Cloudy
  • Location – (X12,Y17)

Yellow Coblyn:

  • Weather – Fog
  • Location – (X27, Y19)

Animals and Spawning Conditions (Weather/Time Based)


  • Weather – Rain
  • Time – 12am-3am
  • Location – (Y17.8,X12.6)


  • Weather – Showers
  • Time – 6am-9am Location – (X17,Y24)


  • Weather – Clouds
  • Time – 9am-12pm Location – (X33,Y16)


  • Weather – Fair Skies
  • Time – 12pm-3pm
  • Location – (X25,Y28)

Unlike others on these lists, flight will be required to reach this location.


  • Weather – Fog
  • Time – 6pm-9pm
  • Location – (X22.1,Y20.8)

We recommend the following to have the best chance of spawning and catching these animals:

Leave your island before the weather changes occur (12 am, 8 am, 4 pm Eorzean time), then wait for five minutes (again, Eorzean time) past the spawn time of these creatures. Then load back into your island and search for the creatures during the correct time and weather conditions. Finally, it is best to have no other players on your island while you round up the animals. This leads us to the next segment of our guide; how to invite friends to your island.

How to Invite Friends to Your Island

In order to grant access to visitors on your island, you must first complete the initial tasks from Felicitous Furball and create your own Cosy Cabin. Once you have managed to do so, you can then find the settings icon in your ‘Islekeeps Index’ menu. You will then be able to select who you wish to visit your island; friends, free company members, or party members.

How to Visit Friends Islands

Now that we’ve covered how to invite friends to your island, let’s take a look at how to visit them. To get to someone’s island, you have to head to Lower La Nosecea (X24.9, Y34.8) and speak with Baldwin.

A few things to remember when visiting another island is that you can not craft or gather while on another player’s island. Nor can you visit their island if they have not granted access to visitors. You can, however, visit a friend with up to 15 other players (16 total) for a more fun-packed adventure.


To undertake certain tasks, you must go to your Islekeeps Index and change to the mode at hand. For instance, if you wish to gather, you have to activate your gather mode in the index. This will then display points of interest by making them sparkle, and the map will show a blue marker to indicate the location.

For crafting tasks, you will need a craft range of tools, items, and consumables to use on your island. Fortunately for players in this mode, all crafting recipes will be successful, unlike in the main game. As you make your way through the Island’s tasks, you will also be able to craft facilities.

As for farming, you must first unlock the Croplands; once you have done so, you can begin to plant your crops. By entering sow more, you can select seeds you wish to cultivate from the item selection. You can then interact with the individual plots to plant the seeds. Then enter water mode to nourish your new crops. (Rain is an effective watering device, so your plants will not always require your assistance.)


This concludes our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide; we hope that you have found helpful advice within our blog and have managed to apply this knowledge in-game! Please come back next week to see the latest from us in the world of gaming; we look forward to seeing you!

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