Final Fantasy 14 Update 1.000.188 Patch 6.35 Notes, March 7, 2023

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Square Enix released the Final Fantasy 14 update 1.000.188 for all platforms on March 7, 2023. The update introduced new content for patch 6.35, which included playable content, tribal quests, furnishings, and adjustments to the Wondrous Tails game. The playable content added new side quests such as Eureka Orthos, Manderville Weapons, and Splendorous Tools. The tribal quests added new Loporrit daily quests, currency, and vendors. Additionally, the update featured new furnishings, orchestrion rolls, Triple Triad cards, and NPC opponents. Check out what is new in this Final Fantasy 14 Update 1.000.188 Patch 6.35.

Final Fantasy 14 Update 1.000.188 Patch 6.35 Notes, March 7, 2023

Gamers and fans of Final Fantasy 14 have been eagerly awaiting the latest patch notes for patch 6.35, which have finally been released by Square Enix on March 7, 2023. The update, also known as Final Fantasy 14 update 1.000.188, is available for all platforms, and includes new content as well as fixes for known issues. All details are available below for the update 1.000.188.

Playable Content

The update has added new side quests, including Eureka Orthos and The Hildibrand Adventures. Players must complete specific quests and reach certain levels to unlock these side quests. The Manderville Weapons questline, which requires players to complete Make it a Manderville, Generational Bonding, and Well-oiled, has also been added.

The update also introduces Splendorous Tools, which requires players to complete An Original Improvement and an as-yet-unrevealed quest. Loporrit tribal quests have also been added, including tribal main and daily quests.

Quest Sync has been added to the Loporrit tribal main and daily quests. This feature will automatically adjust the quest’s difficulty to the player’s current class level. Tribal currency and vendors have also been added.


One of the major additions to the game is the FF14 Furnishing Design Contest. Square Enix held this contest in 2019, where players could submit their original designs for furnishings that could potentially be added to the game. With update 1.000.188, the winning designs have been added to the game, offering players a chance to decorate their homes with unique and creative furnishings.

In addition to the contest winners, the update also adds new furnishings, giving players even more options to decorate their homes. Alongside the new furnishings, Square Enix has also added new orchestrion rolls, which are items that players can use to change the background music in their homes.

Another major addition to the game is the expansion of the Manderville Gold Saucer. This area in the game is known for its various mini-games and activities, including Triple Triad, which is a popular card game in the world of Final Fantasy 14. With the latest update, new Triple Triad cards have been added, as well as new NPC opponents for players to face off against. This provides an exciting opportunity for players to collect new cards and test their skills against challenging opponents.

The update also brings changes to the Wondrous Tails feature in the game. This is a weekly challenge where players complete a set of duties to earn rewards. With the latest update, players can now earn timeworn ophiotauroskin maps as a reward for completing 9 duties in a Wondrous Tails journal. Additionally, Eureka Orthos has been added as an objective for Wondrous Tails, offering players another way to earn rewards.

Battle System

Next significant features included in the update is the new deep dungeon, Eureka Orthos, which challenges players to explore its depths and gain strength and experience by fighting the enemies within.

Eureka Orthos is an ever-changing dungeon with unique architecture that is different every time players enter it. All players start at level 81, and they need to fight the enemies to gain experience and reach the final floor. The dungeon uses separate save data from Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, meaning that pomanders and aetherpool gear strength will not carry over from those dungeons.

Players must meet certain requirements to enter Eureka Orthos, such as completing the main scenario quest “Endwalker” and clearing floor 50 of Palace of the Dead. They can enter the dungeon by speaking with Khatun in Mor Dhona, but only the party leader can start the instance. Players can start from floor 1 or floor 21 when creating a new save file, but they must have cleared floor 30 of Eureka Orthos and the sidequest “Rage Extinguished” to do so.

Resolved Issues

The new patch addresses several issues in the game, including a bug in the Omega Protocol (Ultimate) where Omega would use auto-attack when players were under the effect of Magic Vulnerability Up inflicted by Hello, World. This issue has been resolved, and players can now continue their battles with Omega without any problems.

Another issue that has been fixed is in the island sanctuary, where reviewing the workshop’s agenda caused the game client to forcibly close under certain conditions. This issue has been resolved, and players can now review the agenda without any crashes.

Players using a gamepad to access certain gathering points in upper La Noscea also faced issues that have been resolved with this update. The issue prevented them from accessing these points, but they can now do so seamlessly.

Additionally, there was a bug in the Estate Teleportation feature wherein setting the aetheryte ticket usage to “Always Use” or “Always Use for Costs Above Gil Allowance” in the Teleport Settings window still incurred a gil fee without using tickets. This has also been fixed, and players can now use this feature without any issues.

The update also addresses minor text issues that players might have encountered in the game. Square Enix has been known to be very diligent in addressing bugs and issues in the game and releasing updates regularly to enhance players’ overall gaming experience.

Known Issues

One of the primary features of the new update is the addition of new content for the deep dungeon Eureka Orthos. However, there have been reports of issues with the Summon Phoenix ability not functioning correctly under the effect of Amnesia. In this situation, the Demi-Phoenix does not appear, and players do not receive the effect of Everlasting Flight. Square Enix has acknowledged the issue and stated that Demi-Phoenix will appear after executing any other action. Additionally, there are reports of misplaced treasure coffers in Eureka Orthos, but these can still be targeted and opened.

Another issue that has been reported is related to the graphics of the Valentione Rose Heels feet gear. When equipped by male Lalafells, the graphics do not display correctly. While this may not be a significant issue for many players, it can affect the immersion and aesthetic appeal of the game.

Finally, there is an issue related to the third tier of splendorous tools for Disciples of the Land. These tools, introduced in patch 6.35, are missing the attribute “GP +9.” Square Enix has promised to release a hotfix as soon as possible to ensure that these tools grant the effect of this attribute. However, players should note that the “GP +9” attribute will not be displayed in the item description until a subsequent update fully resolves the issue.


In conclusion, the Final Fantasy 14 update 1.000.188 introduced a plethora of new content for patch 6.35. The playable content included Eureka Orthos, Manderville Weapons, and Splendorous Tools side quests, while the new Loporrit tribal quests employed an automatic level adjustment system known as quest sync. The update also featured new furnishings, orchestrion rolls, Triple Triad cards, NPC opponents, and adjustments to the Wondrous Tails game.

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