FIFA 23 Update 1.000.011 Patch Note Details For PS5 & XSX , Feb 21, 2023

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FIFA 23 has become one of the most anticipated sports games of the year, and with the release of update 1.000.011, players can expect an improved gaming experience on next-gen platforms and PC. This update addresses several issues in FIFA Ultimate Team™, Pro Clubs, VOLTA FOOTBALL, and general audio and visual updates. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of FIFA 23, grab your controllers and get ready to indulge in an even more immersive and exciting gaming adventure.

FIFA 23 Update 1.000.011 Patch Note Details For PS5 & XSX , Feb 21, 2023

FIFA 23 fans on next-gen platforms and PC are in for a treat with the latest update, 1.000.011, released by EA Sports. The FIFA 23 update 1.000.011 patch notes contain a variety of details about what’s been improved in the game. This title update is the eighth in the series and aims to enhance the overall gaming experience by fixing bugs and addressing issues raised by fans.

Read the full patch notes here: trello

FIFA Ultimate Team™

One of the most significant improvements in the update is the fix for referees wearing the same kit colors as one of the teams involved in the match. This issue has been a source of frustration for players, and the fix is sure to improve gameplay. Additionally, a stability issue when opening packs has been addressed on PC.


In Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL, the camera sometimes incorrectly followed a CPU AI player in VOLTA ARCADE. This rare issue has been addressed in the latest update, providing players with smoother gameplay and more control over their teams.

General, Audio, and Visual

The update also includes a variety of general, audio, and visual improvements. FIFA 23 players will see updates to badges, kits, tifos, hair, stadiums, star heads, pre-match scenes, headwear, mascots, stadium themes, tattoos, balls, bundle art, VIP Areas, pitch props, fan flags, and gloves.

Several stability issues that could occur have also been addressed in this update. Players can now expect a smoother and more reliable gaming experience with fewer crashes or glitches.

EA Sports has expressed gratitude to those who have provided feedback and reassured fans that they will continue to provide updates as necessary. Players can follow EAFIFADIRECT on Twitter and the EASF Tracker for the latest updates on FIFA 23.


In conclusion, update 1.000.011 is an essential improvement to FIFA 23, providing bug fixes and enhancements that make the gameplay experience more enjoyable for players. With continued updates and attention to player feedback, EA Sports has shown a commitment to providing a quality sports gaming experience for all FIFA fans.

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