Facebook Lite for Android starts getting Dark Mode feature

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There is no doubt that the dark mode is one of the great features of recent time. At the time, it is the most desired by Android users that why many android application developers starts introducing “Dark Mode” in its mobile applications. Facebook already introduced this Dark Mode feature in their Facebook messenger application. For the desktop, there was news that Facebook is also testing the Dark Mode feature for the web platform. Now, moving on to the Facebook Lite application for Android, which is now starts getting this Dark Mode feature.

However, this feature has also been introduced on the standard version of Facebook. But at the moment, it seems to be available only for a limited number of users. But the Lite version of this greatly popular social media network is now receiving a Dark Mode feature.

To recall, Facebook Lite is another version of the official application. This application is designed by Facebook for those users who have a low-budget smartphone with fewer specs or let’s say poorly performing smartphones. This application consumes very less internet data and performs very well when you have a slow Internet connection.

How to enable dark mode on Facebook Lite

To enable this feature on Facebook Lite, just tap on “Three Bar” on the upper right corner of the application. Open the menu in the bar and scroll down to the “Dark Mode” option. Now, just tap to enable, or disable this feature. Initially, the icon will be grey and when you activate, it will turn into blue and now you have successfully enabled dark mode in Facebook Lite application.

The latest version of Facebook Lite for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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