Facebook Dark Mode For Android App Will Come Soon

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The trend for dark mode feature is slightly increasing. There are many social media apps that have this feature enabled. Facebook is also working on dark mode feature for it for its main Facebook app. As Facebook messenger app got its Dark Mode feature back in March this year, now the company is planning to expand it that to its main app for Android.

The news comes from the reverse engineering expert and popular leaker of unreleased Facebook features and changes, “Jane Wong”. She shared some screenshots of Dark Mode enabled App on her twitter account. She said that the app is in its early stages of development, and not every part of the app has implemented this Dark Mode feature. Dark text displaying on a dark background is the part of its reworked.

Facebook Dark Mode

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The company has not confirmed its development yet and also unclear when Facebook Dark Mode feature will be official. But it will fun to see and use the app-enabled with Dark Mode. As many social media apps have this enabled facebook is still working for this feature.


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