F1 23 Update 1.17 (PS5 version 1.017) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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Codemasters has once again revved up the virtual engines with the release of F1 23 update 1.17 (PS5 version 1.017) on November 20. This latest patch brings a slew of exciting fixes and additions that are set to enhance the gaming experience for Formula 1 enthusiasts across all platforms. Join us as we delve into the comprehensive patch notes, uncovering the intricacies of what the F1 23 Update 1.17 has in store for players.

F1 23 Update 1.17 (PS5 v1.017) Patch Notes: Discover New Features And Fixes:

Prepare for an exciting ride with the F1 23 Update 1.17! Dive into the fun of virtual racing with cool new stuff. The Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 “Golden Age” content gives a bit of history, and the Aston Martin AMR23 looks even better. Bugs are fixed for a smoother experience, solving any issues in your game. Codemasters is making Formula 1 gaming even better, promising more excitement on the virtual tracks. Stay tuned for more action, and don’t miss any of the evolving F1 23 experience! Check out the complete patch notes by clicking here.

New Additions: Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 “Golden Age” Livery, Race Suit, and Driver Helmets:

One of the standout features of the F1 23 Update 1.17 is the addition of the Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 “Golden Age” livery, race suit, and driver helmets. Embracing nostalgia, this update pays homage to the rich history of the iconic Scuderia Ferrari team, allowing players to don the distinctive colors and emblems that defined an era. Get ready to race in style as you showcase the legacy of Ferrari on the virtual track.

Visual Upgrades to the Aston Martin AMR23:

In a bid to bring virtual racing closer to reality, Codemasters has implemented visual updates to the Aston Martin AMR23. Players can now expect a more authentic representation of this powerful machine, mirroring its real-life counterpart with enhanced visuals. The attention to detail in these visual upgrades adds an extra layer of immersion, allowing players to feel the adrenaline rush of racing in a high-performance Aston Martin.

Many Bugs Fixed:

The F1 23 Update 1.17 addresses several pesky bugs that have been hampering the gaming experience. Notable among these fixes is the correction of an issue where F2 23 and 5-lap races were incorrectly appearing in Ranked races. This ensures a fair and accurate competitive environment for players looking to climb the ranks.

Furthermore, a fix has been implemented for events in the F1 World tab’s “Solo & Multiplayer events,” where titles and names were mysteriously missing. With this correction, players can now seamlessly navigate and participate in various events, knowing exactly what awaits them.

A significant improvement comes in the form of a fix for the multiplayer Grand Prix playlist. Previously, completing a race with multiple races in the playlist did not progress the lobby to the next race. This issue has been ironed out, ensuring a smoother and more fluid multiplayer experience for all.

Additionally, an issue where players were being promoted without completing any Ranked Division races has been rectified. This adjustment ensures that promotions are earned through skill and performance, maintaining the integrity of the competitive landscape.

A potentially game-disrupting bug involving the purchase of Pitcoin from the store and subsequent acquisition of an XP boost causing a crash has been successfully patched. Players can now confidently enhance their experience without fear of technical hiccups.

General Stability Improvements and Minor Fixes:

Beyond the targeted bug fixes, the F1 23 Update 1.17 also brings general stability improvements to the game. These enhancements contribute to a more robust and seamless gaming experience, minimizing crashes and ensuring a smoother ride for players.

Various minor fixes have been implemented, addressing smaller issues that may have gone unnoticed but contribute to an overall polished gaming environment. Codemasters’ commitment to detail is evident in their dedication to refining even the minutest aspects of the game.


F1 23 Update 1.17 showcases Codemasters’ dedication to providing an excellent Formula 1 gaming experience. It introduces exciting new content, like the Scuderia Ferrari SF-23 “Golden Age,” enhances the visuals of the Aston Martin AMR23, and addresses various issues through bug fixes. These improvements promise an engaging virtual racing experience. As the F1 23 world evolves, so does the gaming adventure, offering an exciting future for Formula 1 fans. Keep an eye on the F1 23 section for the latest updates and news as the virtual racing excitement continues to grow.

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