F1 22 Force Feedback Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Whether you're just getting started with F1 22 or are a long-time fan of the series, chances are you've encountered some issues with your game. While many bugs and glitches can be remedied by simply restarting your console, others require more than just a quick reboot. In this guide, we'll walk through some common F1 22 Force Feedback Not Working problems and how to fix them!

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Codemasters released the latest entry in its Formula 1 series recently on June 28, 2022. F1 22 brings a heap of new features to the series, but the game is far from perfect. As it turns out, quite a lot of PC players are experiencing F1 22 force feedback and controller problems. The issues range from stuttering menu screens to crashes in training sessions to random disconnections with controllers. And there’s no confirmation yet on when or if we should expect any of these problems to be fixed. In the meantime, though, you can try some workarounds that may help you get past any issues with F1 22 Force Feedback not working! So, today in this article we will be taking a look at how you can fix force feedback not working problem if it arises while playing F1 22.

What Is Force Feedback In F1 22?

Force feedback is the term used to describe how real life racing wheels react to your car’s movements on track. For example, if your car has hit the curb, then you will feel a rumble through the wheel as if you had hit it yourself. This gives gamers an extra level of immersion in their experience and makes it much more realistic.

To be able to experience this, your PC needs to have what is known as a haptic device installed into it. This is basically an internal motor which causes vibrations when it receives signals from game controllers such as the F1 or G29 racing wheels. Most modern gaming laptops come with this technology built into them already.

F1 22 Force Feedback Not Working: How To Fix It

The force feedback not working glitch is a prevalent recurring bug in almost every F1 game and it’s no different in F1 22. There is a known issue with the Racing and Steering Wheels that can cause problems with receiving feedback while driving. If you know, the weight and steer strength of the wheel will differ with each vehicle, but now players are not able to experience that variety. The issue with force feedback is unfortunate, but you can try the following tips to see if they help.

Here’s the step by step guide that you need to follow in order to fix the F1 22 force feedback not working issue.

1). Be Sure To Check For Faulty Hardware

Another important thing you should do is check for any faulty hardware in your setup. If something is broken or missing, then there’s nothing you can do about it without replacing the part. This could be anything from a missing USB cable to a broken motor in your wheel.

Also, make sure that your wheel and pedal set is connected correctly to your computer. If you have multiple USB devices connected, try disconnecting any other devices that aren’t essential to gaming including external hard drives and USB hubs.

2). Turn OFF And ON Force Feedback

This may sound silly but it’s actually one of the easiest things you can do to fix any force feedback problems with your controller.

If you are playing with the default settings, your Force Feedback might be turned off. To turn it on, navigate to the main page’s settings. Go to generic settings and there you can turn ON or OFF Force Feedback.

3). Reset or Reinstall Device Drivers

You can reset or reinstall device drivers if they have been corrupted or damaged in any way. This will help solve the F1 22 Force Feedback not Working problem easily and quickly. This trick has worked for me on multiple occasions when my force feedback stopped working and I had no idea what was wrong with my system. All I had to do was uninstall my device driver software (usually found in Control Panel), restart my computer and then reinstall the driver software again from scratch using its installation disc or from the manufacturer’s website if they provide downloads for their products.

This will often fix any issues related to faulty hardware or outdated software that may be causing problems with your F1 22 Force Feedback Not Working.

4). Configure The Steam Settings To Fit Your Needs

You might be using Steam as your platform for playing games but if you don’t configure it properly, then it could lead to some problems down the line. To fix the issue with F1 22, you will need to go to the Steam folder and find the F1 22 folder. This folder contains your Directx.exe file. You can change the compatibility options for that file, run it as an administrator and set its configuration to 50 device.

5). Adjust The Damper Settings Of Your Gaming Wheel

Damper settings control how much resistance there is when turning the wheel or brake pedal. If Force Feedback isn’t working properly on your wheel, then tweaking its damper settings might help improve performance. You can do this by going into the in-game settings menu. To change the damper settings on your gaming wheel, head over to the in-game settings and select Controls, vibration, and “Force feedback.” You can set the amount from 1 to 15 or more.

6). Relaunch Logitech GHub

The Logitech GHub is a must-have application for your Logitech racing wheel. It allows you to tweak your settings and calibrate your wheel, which makes it a perfect companion to your favorite racing game. This app can also be used to update the firmware of your steering wheel.

If the game is still running while you’re making these adjustments, simply close and re-open the GHub panel. Move your mouse over the degree of rotation until you find an angle that feels comfortable, then close the game, reopen it and launch it with your new settings.


That’s all there is to it. We understand that not all of these solutions will work for everyone. These are temporary fixes until Codemasters and EA can provide a permanent patch fix for the force feedback issue. Hopefully you found the fix for your F1 22 Force Feedback not working problem, and we hope that Codemasters can get this issue sorted out soon. The good news is that most of these workarounds are relatively simple and straightforward, so you should be able to fix your issue without too much hassle. Good luck!

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