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Evija Hypercar: Lotus First Electric Hypercar Officially Confirmed

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lotus electric hypercar evija

The British sports car manufacturer company Lotus cars confirm the name of its first electric hypercar Which is previously Type 130, is now named as “Evija”. Evija pronounced “ev-eye-a” that means “the first in existence” or “the living one” and you can relate because it is going to be first electric hypercar from the company.

Lotus is developing its technology that can help to reinstate their image and also helps to become a genuine alternative to Porsche and Ferrari, etc.

  • The name of type 130 hypercar was given as the only 130 unit will be built And it is Evija.

In a statement company’s CEO, Phil Popham said: “Evija is a perfect name for our new car because it’s the first hypercar from lotus our first electric offering and it the first new model under the Stewardship of Geely”. And also say ” The Evija is a Lotus like no other, get a true Lotus in every sense. it will re-established our brand on global automotive speed and pay the way for further visionary models.”

Evija hypercar logo

The Goodwood festival of speed 2019 will be the event where it going to be show off first. The attendees of the Goodwood festival of speed will get a chance for a “sneak peek” at the Evija through a light show. This first electric hypercar will reveal on the 16th of July in London.

Its parent company Geely is reportedly spending as much as $2 billion on future developments at Lotus, including potentially increasing its stake in the British firm from the current 51 percent. The remainder is owned by Malaysia’s Etika Automotive.

Some Highlights of “EVIJA Hypercar: Lotus’s First Electric Hypercar”

  • It is the type 25/R60 Formula 1 racer. This is the actual car in which Legend Jim Clark set the best ever time of 1:20.4 for a lap of the Goodwood circuit.
  • This model will have Carbon fiber monocoque Chassis and four electric motors that will produce more than 1000 horsepower (746kW  / 1,014 PS). And also have active aerodynamics and Hi-Tech battery pack.
  • The production of Evija expected to start in 2020. The Only 130 unit of this vehicle will build at Lotus factory in Hethal, Norfolk.


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