Enhancer Mod For Lethal Company: Here’s How To Download And Install It

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Lethal Company exploded onto the gaming scene, drawing in survival fans with its high-stakes moon base adventures. As players adapted to outlasting the game’s deadly procedurally generated worlds, many yearned to customize their experience even further through gameplay modifications. Sensing this demand, ingenious modders brought tools empowering players to tailor Lethal Company to their personal preferences. One ambitious mod that recently launched, dubbed the “SinglePlayer Enhancer,” unlocks extensive new options for solo players and small teams seeking more variability and quality-of-life refinements.

Enter the Enhancer mod: with its slate of adjustable features, it promises a customizable experience whether braving the corporate battlefield solo or alongside a trusted squad. From retaining hard-earned scrap after a team wipe to unlocking high-tier gear from the start, it offers veteran contractors and greenhorns alike greater control over their virtual fate.

Understanding The Lethal Company Enhancer Mod’s Capabilities

The Enhancer mod grants players an impressive degree of control over Lethal Company’s configurations. At its core lies a series of toggles to activate an array of gameplay-altering features. With just a few tweaks, you can craft a personalized gameplay loop catered to your skill level and preferences.

Retaining Scrap After Team Wipes

Arguably the most valuable addition is the ability to retain any scrap collected prior to a full squad wipe. Given scrap’s essential role in gear and weapon purchases, this single feature smooths out the steep progression climb and lets all your hard work persist through failed sorties.

Unlocking Specific Suits

You can also unlock whichever suit you desire from the initial selection screen, bypassing the usual level-gated progression. Whether you pine after the lethal power of the Bastion suit or the agile versatility of the Watcher gear, the Enhancer mod puts your preferred battle armor within immediate reach.

Persistent Terminal

Navigating back to the terminal between missions can prove tedious. The Enhancer mod helpfully keeps the terminal interface on-screen at all times, allowing quick access to the marketplace and contracts.

Dynamic Pricing

Prices for weapons and upgrades fluctuate randomly with each new game, preventing easy memorization of the most efficient purchases. Combined with the ability to set minimum costs for items, the economic balancing act grows more engaging.

Incorporating a Threat Scanner

Available as well is an onboard threat scanner offering advanced warning when enemies wander too close to your position. Particularly on higher difficulties, situational awareness becomes critical and this scanner acts as an invaluable early detection system.

Customizable Time Scale

You can adjust the rate at which in-game time passes, with the ability to hasten day/night cycles and periodic raid events. Tweak the duration for which hangar doors stay open before automatically closing. Or extend the number of days per quota, granting more flexibility to complete contracts on your terms.

How To Download And Install Lethal Company Enhancer Mod?

To install the Enhancer mod, you must first set up the BepInEx mod loader—a critical framework that enables mod usage.

Acquiring BepInEx

Visit the BepInEx release page and download the latest version 5 package for Windows x64. This zip file contains the mod loader along with necessary background software to patch games for mod compatibility.

Installing BepInEx

Navigate to your Lethal Company installation folder by right-clicking the game in your Steam library and selecting “Manage > Browse local files”. Now open the downloaded BepInEx package and copy the folder named BepInEx to your game’s root folder.

Completing Initial Setup

Launch Lethal Company once to finalize BepInEx’s initial setup procedure. This will generate important folders like “Plugins” and “Config” that we will soon utilize. Familiarize yourself with the file paths of these BepInEx-created directories within your game folder.

Integrating the Enhancer Mod

Download and Install

Head to the Enhancer mod’s page and grab the latest version (LC-Enhancer-R5 at time of writing). Extract this zip file’s contents directly into the BepInEx/Plugins folder you located earlier. The mod DLL file must reside here to function.

First Run Initialization

Upon next launching Lethal Company, the Enhancer mod will generate its associated configuration file in BepInEx’s Config folder. Edit the .cfg file in any text editor to toggle various gameplay features on or off along with adjusting specific values like time scales.

Multiplayer Considerations

Assess Compatibility

Bear in mind that although tremendously flexible for solo players and private groups, the Enhancer mod can cause compatibility issues in public multiplayer matches. Before joining random games, gauge whether other players have installed the mod as well.

Potential Connection Problems

Due to the sometimes extensive under-the-hood changes by the Enhancer mod, maintainers advise testing connectivity in closed friend sessions first. Some multiplayer networks outright block non-vanilla clients, so be prepared for connection failures.

Exercise Caution and Backup Vital Game Files!

Given the mod’s extensive effects on core game systems, exercise caution when activating particularly intrusive features to avoid crashing or save file corruption. Make copies of both your Lethal Company folder and save data as a precaution before installing any mod. Reverting to vanilla is much simpler with backups on hand should any issues emerge.


The Enhancer mod puts unprecedented personalization at players’ fingertips to calibrate the punishing yet addictive Lethal Company as they see fit. While exercising due caution around multiplayer connectivity, both veterans and newcomers can utilize the toolset to jumpstart their progress. Just don’t lose sight of the modular originating game’s careful balancing act and adjust sliders judiciously!

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