Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes Details, January 26, 2022

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Update of the Dyson Sphere Program is now available for PC (Steam). The latest Dyson Sphere Program update introduced some improvements to the game, as detailed in the official patch notes.

A major update with a variety of improvements to quality of life was previously released. Despite this, players are still experiencing numerous issues.

Several of these errors will be addressed in today’s Dyson Sphere Program patch

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes Details, January 26, 2022


  • Modified the algorithm for splitting proliferate points when splitting, consuming, and shipping stacked items. The algorithm has been changed from rounding up to rounding down (the rounding down method will prioritize consuming/splitting the parts that don’t have Proliferators to bring a better experience).
  • Optimized the manufacturing logic of Assemblers and Smelters under proliferated conditions.
  • Modified the way the enhanced fuel works when put into the power station: If it is normal fuel, the same value of energy and power will be increased; if it is an Antimatter fuel rod, then only the power will be increased and the total energy will remain the same.
  • Optimized the construction of the Spray Coater and adjusted the building collision range of the it.


  • Fixed the bug that the panel of the Ray Receiver might reported an error after putting in the enhanced gravitational lens.
  • Fixes the bug that the enhanced Antimatter fuel rods might increased the actual output energy (extra producted Antimatter fuel rods can only increase the power)


  • When the number of Logistic Drones in the Logistics Station exceeds 75, the frequency of Drones’ departure will increase to 6/s
  • Reduction of the time for the production of deuterium from hydrogen at the Miniature Particle Collider: 5s -> 2.5s
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