Discord PFP: How Do I Fix A Blurry and Pixelated Avatar?

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It appears that pixelated and blurry profile pictures are a common issue for Discord users. Many Discord users are experiencing blurry and pixelated profiles pictures after uploading them. Users have reported blurry results after changing their Discord PFP recently. Here is how you can resolve the issue if you are experiencing the same problem.

Fix for Discord Blurry PFP 2021

Discord has recently discovered a bug that causes all pictures uploaded from iOS devices like iPhone and iPad to look blurry or pixelated. At the moment, there is only one option: upload your PFP through a PC browser to fix this. As it is still unclear when Discord will issue an official fix, when can try something to yourself to fix this issue. As a temporary workaround, Chrome or Safari are the only ways to resolve and get Discord PFP working without being blurred or pixelated. To fix and get Discord PFP without any blur or pixelation, you’ll have to use a browser like chrome or safari.

When users changed their profile photos on Discord, their profile photos became blurred and pixelated, even if the same photo had previously been used and no issue occurred. No matter how many times you re-saving or compress the image, it will not improve. The image will remain unchanged.

It is possible to fix the pixelation glitch as long as you use Safari rather than the Discord app if you are an iOS user. Furthermore, Discord recommends that PFP use 128*128 resolution to avoid any compression errors. Pixelation issues may arise in this specific image if you upload a larger resolution and compress it. Hence, instead of posting a 256*256 resolution image as your PFP, upload a 128*128 resolution image.

It is as simple as that regarding Discord’s blurry & pixelated PFP bug fix. We have a number of Discord guides you can check out for interesting topics:

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