Diablo Immortal Is Not Working or Loading On Windows 11 PC? Here’s How To Fix It

Is Diablo Immortal not working or loading on your Windows 11 PC? This guide will help you! In this article, we explain how to fix the Diablo immortal not working or loading on Windows 11 PC issue.

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Diablo Immortal is a new free-to-play action RPG game for Android, iOS, and PC developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game has been released with a lot of excitement from the fans as it’s the first new Diablo game since Diablo 3 came out almost nine years ago. However, since its launch, many players have not been able to play this game on their systems even after spending hours in downloading or installing the game. If you are playing Diablo Immortal on your Windows 11 PC and it is not working or loading, there could be a number of reasons why. You can fix these issues by following the below-mentioned steps.

How To Fix Diablo Immortal Not Working & Loading On Windows 11 PC?

Many players are wondering how to fix Diablo Immortal not working or loading on Windows 11 PC? Well, we have listed down some ways that can help you fix Diablo Immortal not working or loading on Windows 11 PC.

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1). Restart The Game

A simple reboot could resolve your issues with Diablo Immortal not working or loading on Windows 11PC. If you haven’t already tried this, give it a shot before moving onto the next step. You don’t need to completely shut down your computer; just close out of the game and then restart your computer. That should take care of most problems immediately!

2). Restart Your PC

Restarting the computer is always the first thing to try when something’s not working. Sometimes it’s as easy as that. Restarting the computer clears out any temporary files that may be causing issues with the game, and it can resolve any kind of minor software glitch that might have occurred.

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3). Update Your GPU Drivers

Make sure that you have updated your GPU drivers, as they might be causing issues with Diablo Immortal. The latest graphics card drivers often improve stability and performance in games like Diablo Immortal, so make sure that you’ve updated them if possible!

You can download the latest version of drivers from NVIDIA or AMD website and install them on your system. Also, check if there are any available updates for your graphics card drivers from manufacturer’s website and install them on your computer.

4). Run Game As Administrator

If your Diablo Immortal is not working or loading on Windows 11 PC, you might have first tried to run it as an administrator. You should always run this program as an administrator because it requires root access to your computer’s system files and processes. To do this, right click on the game application and select “Run as administrator.”

5). Verifying The Integrity Of Game Files

You should check the game files to see if any of them are corrupt. A corrupt file might prevent you from playing, so by checking the game files, you can identify which ones are corrupt and remove them.

If you think something might be wrong with the game file, run a check on it to make sure everything’s in order. This can fix a lot of the common issues that players run into. Here how to do:

  1. Open your Battle.net client and from the left menu, select Diablo Immortal. Then click Options and choose Scan and Repair.
  2. Now just click Begin Scan and sit back and wait to the complete the scan.
  3. When you have finished scanning the game, load it and play as usual.

Launch the game to ensure it works as intended. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next solution.

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6). Update The Game To The Latest Version

If you have an older version of Diablo Immortal installed in your PC, then you might want to update it to the latest version first. This is because there are known issues with the game when it comes to compatibility with other applications. If you have an older version of the game installed in your PC and you’re experiencing issues with it not working or loading properly, then you may want to make sure that you have updated it to the latest version before troubleshooting further.

7). Close Unnecessary Background Processes To Free Up Resources.

A background process is a piece of software that runs in the background and uses resources on your computer such as RAM and CPU power. Some apps require more resources than others do, so closing them can free up some memory for Diablo Immortal. To close all unnecessary background processes, follow these steps:

Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. In Processes tab, right-click any process with high CPU usage and select End task. Repeat this step until no more processes are found in Processes tab.

8). Reinstall The Game

If all else fails, reinstall the game. This will delete all save data and settings, but you don’t have much to lose. This will clear away any corrupt files that could be causing the issue.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you get back on your feet and playing Diablo Immortal again. We know how frustrating it can be to encounter this error, because even if you don’t play games often or at all, you still deserve to have the best possible experience when you do! Check out more of our blogs for more helpful how-to guides and tips on topics such as technology, gaming, and more.

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