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Deep Rock Galactic Steam Update 33 Hotfix 2 Patch Notes is now LIVE [February 5th]

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Pravin Kr. Chandra
A mechanical engineer by profession and a gadget freak by passion.

Ghost Ship Games has just released a new for Deep Rock Galactic. This is the Update 33 Hotfix 2 for Deep Rock Galactic. Deep Rock Galactic took twitter to announce that update 33 is now out on Steam. They also said that the Xbox version of update will also be available on febuary 11th. This update is now available to download.

Below are the full patch notes detail for Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 – Hotfix 2.

  • Tweaked the impact sound of the Korlok Tyrant Weed to only be audible for the player that did the damage
  • Moved chat / chat input slightly to not be obstructed by perk icons
  • Fixed M.U.L.E. being unlocked at Player Rank 0 in the Memorial Hall
  • Added impact sounds to the Stabber Vine
  • Squashed a bug that caused frozen swarmers to not count as your kill
  • Tweaked the new Dreadnoughts so they will now try to move out of the Gunner’s Shield Generator more reliably when they are not doring critical things
  • Squashed a bug that caused the armor of the Dreadnought to not appear frozen when frozen
  • Changed the spacing between the bottom buttons of the Server List to match the Mission Map
  • Tweaked the Plasma Bursters grenade friendly fire modifier from 100% to 50% (of Normal friendly fire reduction)
  • Squashed a bug that prevented the Veteran Depositor perk from not actually giving 30% damage reduction at higher ranks.
  • Tweaked the Beastmaster perk. Tamed Glyphids now freeze half as fast and unfreezes twice as fast.
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Q’ronar Shellback projectile damage falloff to not work. It now has the proper falloff.
  • Fixed spelling error in the Mactera Tri-Jaw Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed missing weakpoint info for the Mactera Tri-Jaw Miner’s Manual entry
  • Changed Arbalest flame attack description in the Miner’s Manual from Melee to Ranged
  • Squashed a bug that prevented Dreadnoughts from carving towards the player if no path is found
  • Squashed a bug that caused the new Dawn of the Dread armors to not be visible in first person until you move.
  • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins so they unfreeze at a higher temperature, to help prevent quick consecutive freezing. The time it takes for them to defrost is the same.
  • Tweaked the Dreadnought Twins health exchange so it is no longer a zero-sum game resulting in a net gain of HP. The amount of gain depends on the difference in HP. The greater the difference, the greater the gain.
  • Added glow to the weakpoint of the Dreadnought when hit
  • Squashed a bug with grunts and swarmers where they could interrupt their own attack if not moving for a while and attacking
  • Squashed a bug that caused the drone sound of the OMEN Exterminator event that could be stuck for a bit
  • Squashed a bug that caused players to teleport in and out of the Drop Pod when landing
  • Fixed first person arms not getting the correct skin color.
  • Temp text fixed in Hollow Bough / Azure Weald Miner’s Manual entries.
  • Fixed case of bad grammar in Azure Weald description
  • Optimized cave generation time for Hollow Bough
  • Doretta head is now placed inside the Escape Pod when taking it inside, instead of being carried / rolling around
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Zipline Launcher: Added an auto-switch option under Options/Controls/Miscellaneous, that will auto switch to the previously equipped item after a zipline has been launched.
  • Tweaked the model of the Glyphid Laserator
  • Removed the large warping effect from the Experimental Plasma Charger Thin Containment Field explosion that was causing nausea in some players
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Hiveguard Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed spelling error in Bough Wasp Nest Miner’s Manual entry
  • Fixed missing laserpointer info for fuel line connector, Bough Cone, Dry Thorn Tumble
  • Squashed a beard intersection bug in the Dawn of the Dread Driller Armor
  • Squashed a bug in the Mission Map. There is now always 6 available biomes to choose from.
  • Fixed spelling errors in the Hexawing and Spitballer Miner’s Manual entries
  • Fixed spelling error in the Mactera Brundle Miner’s Manual entry
  • Added sounds when Doretta’s head is placed in the Drop Pod
  • Fixed spelling error in Spinning Death OC description
  • Fixed spelling error in Glacial Strata Deep Dive quotes
  • Fixed spelling error in subtitle for Ommeran Heartstone being attached to the M.U.L.E.
  • Fixed spelling error in subtitle for Drilldozer running out of fuel
  • Fixed spelling error in Mineral Trade Network assignment description
  • Fixed spelling error in Burning Love beer description
  • Squashed a bug in the Without A Paddle achievement that caused it to trigger in the wrong situation
  • Fixed spelling error in Glyphid Bulk Detonator laserpointer shout subtitles
  • Fixed spelling error in Glyphid Warden laserpointer shout
  • Tweaked the Doretta petting shout
  • Fixed spelling error in the Scout MK3 armor description
  • Fixed spelling error in shotgun description
  • Squashed a bug in the item shop if you purchased and equipped an item for a character that is not active
  • Added new sounds to the Stabber Vine
  • Fixed grammatical error in Elephant Rounds description
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Squashed a bug that enabled the player to become stuck behind the Assignment Terminal in the Space Rig
  • Squashed a bug that prevented the Mactera Bomber from charing shots
  • Squashed a bug that caused the extraction timer to be a second off
  • Removed delay from all new laserpoint shouts
  • Tweaked the sounds of the Stabber Vine

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