Dead by Daylight (DBD) DLC Pack List In Order With Prices & Release Date

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The first DLC update for Dead by Daylight came out on June 14, 2017 and the most recent one on March 8, 2022. The game developers have been adding DLC (downloadable content) to the game since its release in 2016. These DLC updates are no longer free. There are currently 33 DLCs for DBD, with 30 being paid and 3 being free. The free ones are called Teachable Perks and cannot be bought but can be unlocked through other means for all players. The paid DLCs are called Chapters and come in two flavors: Chapters that can be bought individually which price ranges from $4.99 to $11.99 each and expansion pack that can be bought at $29.99. There are also some small paid DLCs as well as FREE.   Below is a list of the DLCs in order of release date along with their prices.

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Dead by Daylight (DBD) DLC Pack List: In Order With Prices & Release Date

Dead By Daylight, a popular horror survival game is also pretty popular for it’s fresh DLC releases every other month. The team at Behavior Interactive are working hard to make this game better with every update. However till date, most players have no idea about the exact list of all DLC released date wise, in order. This Dead By Daylight DLC Pack List will hopefully make it easier to work out which packs you’re missing. We’ve got all the DLC packs listed in order, with release dates and prices.

NamePriceReleased Date
Dead By Daylight - Sadako Rising Chapter$6.99Mar 8, 2022
Dead By Daylight - Portrait Of A Murder Chapter$6.99Nov 30, 2021
Dead By Daylight - Hour Of The Witch Chapter$4.99Oct 19, 2021
Dead By Daylight - Hellraiser Chapter$4.99Sep 7, 2021
Dead By Daylight - Resident Evil Chapter$11.99Jun 15, 2021
Dead By Daylight - Killer Expansion Pack$29.99Jun 15, 2021
Dead By Daylight - Survivor Expansion Pack$29.99Jun 15, 2021
Dead By Daylight - All-kill Chapter$6.99Mar 30, 2021
Dead By Daylight - A Binding Of Kin Chapter$6.99Dec 1, 2020
Dead By Daylight - Descend Beyond Chapter$6.99Sep 8, 2020
Dead By Daylight - Silent Hill Chapter$6.99Jun 16, 2020
Dead By Daylight - Chains Of Hate Chapter$6.99Mar 10, 2020
Dead By Daylight - Cursed Legacy Chapter$6.99Dec 3, 2019
Dead By Daylight - Ghost Face®$4.99Jun 18, 2019
Dead By Daylight - Ash Vs Evil Dead$4.99Apr 2, 2019
Dead By Daylight - Demise Of The Faithful Chapter$6.99Mar 19, 2019
Dead By Daylight - Darkness Among Us Chapter$6.99Dec 11, 2018
Dead By Daylight - Shattered Bloodline Chapter$6.99Sep 18, 2018
Dead By Daylight - Curtain Call Chapter$6.99Jun 12, 2018
Dead By Daylight - The Saw® Chapter$6.99Jan 23, 2018
Dead By Daylight - A Nightmare On Elm Street™$6.99Oct 26, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Leatherface™$4.99Sep 14, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Charity Case$4.99Aug 10, 2017
Dead By Daylight - A Lullaby For The Dark ChapterFREEJul 27, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Headcase$2.99Jun 8, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Spark Of Madness Chapter$6.99May 11, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Left BehindFREEMar 8, 2017
Dead By Daylight - Of Flesh And Mud Chapter$6.99Dec 9, 2016
Dead By Daylight - The Bloodstained Sack$2.99Nov 18, 2016
Dead By Daylight - The Halloween® Chapter$6.99Oct 25, 2016
Dead By Daylight - The 80's Suitcase$2.99Sep 24, 2016
Dead By Daylight - The Last Breath ChapterFREEAug 18, 2016
Dead By Daylight - Original Soundtrack$9.99Jun 14, 2016

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Well, there you have it! The full list of Dead by Daylight DLC releases, including their release dates and prices. From Halloween themed content to paid DLC characters and maps, there’s no shortage of great things to keep you busy in this game. As we continue to explore more of the game, we’ll keep updating this post with more information as well as future DLC releases. In the meantime, keep playing!

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