DayZ Update 1.60 Stable 1.23 Patch Version 2: Explore What’s New

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Bohemia Interactive has released DayZ update 1.60, the latest patch for the zombie survival game on consoles and PC. Arriving on November 30th, this update focuses on fixing issues across platforms in what is version 1.23 patch 2 for the stable branch.

DayZ Update 1.60 Stable 1.23 Patch Version 2: Explore What’s New

While not as substantial as a major content update, DayZ update 1.60 tackles a range of bugs and exploits that have impacted players’ experience. Server performance sees improvements, with a “severe” server crash issue addressed. Additionally, the team took care of bugs related to item interactions, AI behavior, basements, and more.

Overall, Update 1.60 aims to smooth out gameplay, improve reliability, and address community-reported issues that arose after the last patch. It may not be the most exciting update, but it’s an important one to keep DayZ running properly across platforms.

DayZ Update 1.60 Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for DayZ 1.60 update, covering fixes across the game itself, servers, and launcher systems:

Game Fixes

The bulk of Update 1.60 focuses on fixes and tweaks to DayZ’s core gameplay experience:

  • Fixed severe server crashes
  • Addressed issue with dynamic events, items, objects and AI spawning incorrectly
  • Fixed problem with dropped items falling through structures and clipping to wrong floors
  • Resolved bugs preventing equipped items from being picked up when players died in prone
  • Fixed situations where headgear could not be equipped after certain inventory interactions
  • Patched several issues with new barracks basement areas
  • Made changes allowing filled dry sacks to be added to inventory
  • Enabled ability to bury dry sacks underground
  • Adjusted green OKZK hat render color on female models
  • Fixed cooking exploit with indoor fireplaces
  • Fixed additional server crash exploit
  • Patched issue with picking up items failing for remote players

Server and Launcher Changes

In addition to gameplay fixes, the team focused on server and launcher improvements:

  • Enabled pause menu functionality when respawn is disabled
  • Fixed missing DLC warnings for Livonia servers
  • Patched launcher screen focus issue when closing server details
  • Made general performance updates to improve reliability

While subtle, these changes should improve general play across DayZ’s online ecosystem.

Exploring What’s Next for DayZ

While Update 1.60 does not dramatically transform DayZ through new content, it lays the groundwork for future additions by addressing lingering issues. And given the game recently hit a new concurrent player record according to the team, it is clear there is still strong interest in the sandbox survival title entering its fifth year.

Early next year, Bohemia Interactive plans to share their content roadmap for 2023 and beyond. This will likely include new areas to explore like islands, as well as threats like insects, bandits, and environmental hazards. New base building pieces, weapons, and character customization also tend to accompany these annual roadmaps.

There is still clearly much planned for DayZ’s future in the long run. Perhaps someday survivors will even be able to repair old vehicles, use gas generators, or restore electricity to coastal towns. Bohemia could also utilize community mod content or feedback to inspire official updates.

For now, update 1.60 sets the course for next year by prioritizing stability and playability. Be sure to share what future content you hope to see in the DayZ universe!

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