DayZ Update 1.49 Patch 1.20 Hotfix 2 Details, March 1, 2023

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Bohemia Interactive has recently released the DayZ update 1.49 for all platforms on March 1, and it is the patch 1.20 hotfix 2 that addresses several issues in both consoles and PC. The update brings a list of fixes to improve game stability and overall gameplay experience. The official DayZ March 1 patch notes are available for players to review.

DayZ Update 1.49 Patch 1.20 Hotfix 2 Details, March 1, 2023

One of the noteworthy fixes included in the update is the correction of the problem where players would teleport locally when exiting a vehicle while being simulated, which was reported in the feedback system. Additionally, vehicles could fall through structures after a server restart, and this issue has also been fixed in this update. Moreover, there was a desynchronization related to the placement system that has been resolved.

Several problematic ladders in Chernarus have been adjusted to ensure smoother gameplay, and players can now catch both types of fish at any water source. Interactions with water were not possible at deeper levels, but this issue has also been resolved in the update. The melee finisher attacks were ruining vests and backpacks of infected, and weapons would become bugged when attempting to load bullets from a ruined magazine, which has been fixed.

Camera Issue

The player camera could shake heavily when colliding with other entities, and the 3rd person camera could clip with objects during vaulting, but both issues have been resolved in the update. The camera would shortly zoom out and in when sprinting and turning from side to side, which was a minor issue but has been fixed to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Server Issue

If community servers were impacted by duplicated objects through object spawner usage, it is highly recommended to either wipe the server contents or revert to a previous storage version to assure game stability. Not following this procedure can result in severe instabilities.

It’s important for players to know that certain weapons had a bug in the previous version because of loading a bullet from a damaged magazine. To get these weapons working properly again, players need to chamber a bullet. Another issue to be aware of is with the gear box of the M1025 vehicle. If players shift up while in drive mode, it might desync. This problem is known, and the developers will fix it in future updates.

Source: DayZ forums (12)

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