DayZ Update 1.26 is out, Patch Notes on March 1st

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Dayz is getting a tiny Hotfix update on March 1st. Bohemia Interactive released a new hotfix update 1.26 (Version 1.11.153731_Hotfix 1) for DayZ which fixes some bug issues in the game. The Dayz Update 1.26 (version 1.11.153731) is now available to download and installed for all platforms.

Below are the full patch information march 1st update for Dayz. Check it out.

DayZ Update 1.26 Patch Notes

Version 1.11.153731_Hotfix 1(Released on 01.03.2021)


  • Weapons would not spawn with attachments
  • The truck battery could not be charged using the battery charger
  • The flag pole was refreshing bases more often than designed (every server restart)
  • The universal flashlight could be attached to handguards without a rail
  • The player could not switch to VSS iron sights when using PSO optics
  • A client crash related to attachment slots on base building objects

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