COD Modern Warfare 3: How To Fix MW3 Zombies Exfil Chopper Bug?

Discover effective methods to fix the COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Exfil Chopper Bug. Resolve MW3 issues now!

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Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is a special place for gamers. It gives a fun and engaging experience that has been popular for a long time. However, recently, a pesky bug has emerged, threatening the seamless transition from Act 1 to Act 2. The glitch’s core lies in the game’s reluctance to automatically highlight missions in Act 2, forcing players to manually select and complete them, leading to an unfortunate loop of Act 1’s end mission. This issue, centered around the exfil chopper, acts as a blockade to the narrative progression, leaving players stranded and yearning for a fix. As the gaming community collectively holds its breath for an official solution, it becomes crucial to dissect the repercussions of this bug and explore potential remedies. Let’s look at How To Fix MW3 Zombies Exfil Chopper Bug and find smart ways to handle it. We want you to understand its impact and offer simple ways to make your gaming experience better.

Understanding the Exfil Chopper Bug:

The reported bug disrupts the seamless transition between acts, creating a bottleneck for players eager to delve into the next phase of the game. The core issue lies in the game’s failure to automatically highlight missions in Act 2, forcing players to manually select and complete these missions. This not only consumes extra time but also results in a dead end for many players, hindering the natural flow of the gameplay experience.

How to Fix MW3 Zombies Exfil Chopper Bug in COD: Modern Warfare 3?

  1. Early Exfils to Avoid Bug: To counter the reported issues with late exfils, consider making your escape before the last 15 minutes to minimize the chances of encountering the chopper bug. This proactive approach may provide a workaround until an official fix is implemented.
  2. Avoid Exfil during High Density: Steer clear of exfiling during high-intensity moments with numerous zombies or special enemies on screen. Some players have reported that such scenarios exacerbate the bug. Choosing a strategic moment for exfil might reduce the likelihood of encountering the chopper bug.
  3. Try from a Different Point: Experiment with exfiling from different points on the map. The bug may be location-specific, affecting certain exfil points more than others. By varying your extraction points, you might find a workaround until an official solution is released.

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The Frustration and Impact:

The frustration stemming from these bugs in MW3 Zombies mode is palpable. Players find themselves stuck, unable to progress through the storyline due to the persistent exfil chopper bug. The impact on the gaming experience is substantial, as the bug disrupts the immersive narrative, leaving players stranded in Act 1.

Community Response and the Quest for a Fix:

The MW3 Zombies community is actively engaged in discussions, sharing experiences and strategies to cope with the exfil chopper bug. While there is no official fix yet, the community’s collective effort in finding workarounds demonstrates the resilience and determination of players to continue enjoying the game despite these challenges.


In the absence of an official fix, players facing the MW3 Zombies exfil chopper bug must rely on these potential workarounds to navigate through the game’s narrative. Early exfils, avoiding high-density situations, and experimenting with different exfil points may help mitigate the bug’s frequency. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these strategies may not provide a foolproof solution for all players. As the community eagerly anticipates an official fix, these proactive approaches offer a glimmer of hope for those determined to conquer the challenges posed by the exfil chopper bug in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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