COD Modern Warfare 3: How To Fix MW3 Attachments Not Unlocking Or Showing Up?

Improve MW3 gaming by fixing attachment issues. Learn to unlock and show MW3 attachments, getting practical tips for a smoother, enjoyable experience. Identify and solve attachment problems to enhance your MW3 gameplay.

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If you love playing Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, you know how important weapon attachments are for beating your opponents. But there’s a frustrating bug causing trouble. It stops players from unlocking and seeing their favorite attachments, even after leveling up their weapons. Check out this guide for solutions to the problem of MW3 Attachments Not Unlocking issue. We look into the issue and provide fixes. Even with the challenges in COD: Modern Warfare 3 from Sledgehammer Games, our goal is to give you solutions for a better gaming experience.

The Attachments Not Unlocking/Showing Up Dilemma:

Modern Warfare 3 boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, each customizable with various attachments to optimize performance. Unfortunately, a pervasive bug hinders players from unlocking and visualizing these attachments when they should. Some gamers even encounter issues using blueprints, where reattaching removed components becomes an unexpected hurdle. While the root cause remains elusive, the problem’s prevalence demands immediate solutions.

How To Fix MW3 Attachments Not Unlocking Or Showing Up Issue? : Possible Workarounds

As of now, official acknowledgment and a comprehensive fix from developers are pending. In the meantime, players can try the following workarounds, each carefully crafted to mitigate the Attachments Not Unlocking/Showing Up issue.

Disable Filters:

To troubleshoot and enhance your gaming experience in Modern Warfare 3, you may want to investigate whether attachment filters are currently enabled, which could be contributing to visibility issues. When these filters are active, it might affect your ability to see certain attachments in the game. To address this, you can try disabling the filters, a simple action that could potentially resolve the problem and allow you to enjoy a more seamless and visually clear gameplay. Take a moment to explore these settings, make the necessary adjustments, and experience the game with improved attachment visibility.

Reach The Right Weapon Level:

To improve your experience in Modern Warfare 3, regularly level up your weapons. Sometimes, the game may show wrong attachment unlock levels, so stay dedicated to in-game tasks for accurate unlocks. This commitment not only boosts accuracy but also gives you a complete set of weapon attachments, making your gameplay better. By sticking to leveling up, you’ll move through the game more easily, unlock attachments smoothly, and enhance your gaming experience. Being persistent and determined is crucial for perfecting your virtual arsenal.

Don’t use the Hijacked IFF Strobe perk:

Right now, there’s a problem with the Hijacked IFF Strobe Perk in the game. This bug is causing issues, especially with attachments. It’s suggested not to use this perk until the game creators, Sledgehammer, fix the problem. This bug can cause difficulties while playing, especially with your weapon attachments. To make your game smoother, it’s a good idea not to use the Hijacked IFF Strobe Perk until Sledgehammer comes up with a solution. This helps you avoid any potential problems related to this bug and lets you enjoy the game without interruptions for now.

Verify Game Files:

Attempt the file verification method by navigating to Steam, right-clicking on the game, selecting Properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files. After completion, restart your PC and launch the game.

Reinstall The Game:

To make your time in Modern Warfare 3 better, think about reinstalling the game. Delete the current files and put them back for a potentially improved experience. This is helpful because MW3 is a big game. Make sure your internet is stable for a smooth download. A clean install and a strong internet link could make your gaming better, fixing ongoing problems with weapon attachments. Following these steps might make your MW3 journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Going the Extra Mile:

While resolving the Attachments Not Unlocking/Showing Up dilemma, explore further by addressing the MW3 Monster Energy Rewards Not Showing Issue. Diversify your gaming knowledge to enhance your overall experience.


Facing bugs in COD: Modern Warfare 3 can be tough, but with the right info, you can beat them. Whether it’s turning off filters, leveling up your weapons, or checking your game files, these tricks can help make your gaming smoother. Stay tuned to for more insightful content, and if you found this guide helpful, explore additional tips such as fixing the MW3 Zombies Exfil Chopper Bug. Happy gaming!

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