Cell to Singularity Update Patch Notes V.10.11, November 8, 2021

Update 2021.4.1 for Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends is now available for PC players on Steam. Cell to Singularity’s official patch notes mention that the newest update added a reset progress button.
Recently, players have been experiencing a number of problems with the game since its last patch. A few of these issues have been fixed in today’s Cell to Singularity patch 2021.4.1. See below for more information.

Cell to Singularity Update Patch Notes V.10.11, November 8, 2021

  • Sound effects added to Universe rank up sequence, and star opening sequences.
  • Improved spacetime slider. You now how finer control over the space of the solar system model.
  • A player can only earn 2 Red Dwarf Stars in 4 hours
  • Fixed sun appearing through planets.
  • Bug: Starter bundle getting stuck at 00:00 and not switching to the next bundle.
  • Players now can access save transfer and redeem codes on the beyond
  • Added button in the options to reset the Beyond progress. This is for beta testers that want to reset their beyond progress.
  • Fix text going off the screen in the intro sequence on iPhone XL models.
  • Bug: Hard reset did not delete beyond progress.
  • Adjust premium dark matter payout
  • On mobile golden asteroids boost correctly payout out 4X amount.

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