Monday, July 26, 2021

Friday Night Funkin Switch: When will it be released on Nintendo?

In recent years, Friday Night Funkin has certainly gained a large following, and it is not for lack of reasons, since it is very entertaining, has an intriguing design, and even has a compelling storyline. I, too, am a...

Friday Night Funkin Madness Hank High Effort Mod Demo Version | Download Now

There is no denying that Friday Night Funkin is a great game. In this story, we follow the story of a boyfriend and girlfriend who have fled to the virtual world together. Daddy Dearest, their sole enemy, is now...
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Destiny 2 Season 15: Game Developer Bungie Announces New Nightfall Weapons and Currency Changes

Destiny 2 Season 15 will kick-off in a little under one month, and Bungie has officially announced that there...
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