Top 51 Best Black Haired Anime Girls | Here Are The Ultimate List

There are just so many black haired anime girls out there I couldn’t fit them all into one top 10 list, so here is my best black haired anime girls list. In anime there seems to be a lot of characters with dark hair, but what are the best dark haired female anime characters?

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Do you have black hair? If so, then you understand the tremendous pleasure of owning such a beautiful shade. Just like anime characters in general, black haired anime girls are usually very stylish, whether they are rich or poor. The hair color is often used by many creators to show a certain personality trait, such as being cool and calm.

There are a number of reasons for this, such as the sleek and elegant color as well as how eye-catching it can be.

Black hair plays a significant role in many anime characters. Millions of anime fans around the world have fallen in love with these black-haired anime girls, and hopefully they will continue to do so in the future.

I’ve always liked anime girls with black hair the best. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these anime girls with black hair, if you’re like me. In anime, long black hair has always symbolized beauty.

There are many anime girls out there with this hair type, but who are the best ones? How do you find such a beautiful black haired girl? And who uses the beauty of her hair against her enemies? Let’s find out.

There are many people who love anime around the globe, and in this article, we dig into 51+ black-haired anime girls who are quite popular right now. Have a look at them below and thank me later.

Top 51+ Best Anime Girls With Black Hair You Need to Know About

The hair colors of anime characters are pretty varied, but some are more attractive than others. Their appearances are almost always appealing to the eye. This is why we like to draw their portrait and redraw their illustrations.

In this post, we’ll look at 51 of the best black-haired anime girls. The anime genre is so broad and diverse that even though this list was kind of hard to put together, there are still a ton of different kinds of character styles represented here.

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  1. Eru Chitanda
  2. Yazawa Nico
  3. Ai Enma
  4. Inaba Himeko
  5. Akemi Homura
  6. Yuuko Ichihara
  7. Kiritsugu Emiya
  8. Hishiro Chizuru
  9. Fubuki
  10. Tokisaki Kurumi
  11. Rogue Cheney
  12. Honjou Kaede
  13. Misaki Mei
  14. Chizuru Hishiro
  15. Mitsuha Miyamizu
  16. Kurumi Tokisaki
  17. Tsuyuri Kanao
  18. Byakuya Kuchiki
  19. Yui
  20. Azusa Nakano
  21. Hinata Hyuuga
  22. Sakurajima Mai
  23. Ayuzawa Misaki
  24. Kenji Harima
  25. Yomiko Readman
  26. Chitanda Eru
  27. Mayuri Shiina
  28. Mei Misaki
  29. Ako Tamaki/Ako
  30. Yaoyorozu Momo
  31. Tendou Akane
  32. Akame
  33. Kenzo Tenma
  34. Kurome
  35. Suzune Horikita
  36. Tomoko Kuroki
  37. Yukinoshita Yukino
  38. Homura Akemi
  39. Chinatsu Kuramoto
  40. Shinomiya Kaguya
  41. Death The Kid
  42. Hitomi Mishima
  43. Yumeko Jabami
  44. Kazuya Shibuya
  45. Satsuki Kiryūin
  46. Kei Kuramoto
  47. Hibiya Chitose
  48. Eru Chitanada
  49. Nana Osaki
  50. Kazuto Kirigaya
  51. Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin


So, which of these 51 black haired anime girls is your favorite? Although, in the world of fictional characters, there are so many female characters with beautiful colored hair that it was hard to narrow it down to just one list, but this Top 51 is a phenomenal selection of the most stunning characters.

If you’re into gothic, punk, or just dark-haired girls in general, you can find some great inspiration from this list with some very cool characters.

You should take a look at their pictures one more time and see which one you like best. We hope that after reading this article you now know almost everything about the anime girls with black hair and hopefully, discovered a few new ones. Thanks for reading, and happy ranking!

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