30 Most Beautiful Best Blonde Haired Anime Characters of All Time That You Must Know

Ah, blonde hair. That fiery-colored symbol of a flaming-hot personality. Though it can be hard to pull off when you're rocking a natural blonde shade, anime characters have made it look oh-so-easy over the years. This list has only the best anime characters sporting bright golden locks.

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Anime characters with blonde hair are not as common as any other colored hair. This is especially true for anime series like Bleach or Naruto where the hair colors are often favored by the main character and so, you can’t find a lot of blonde haired characters in this series.

Even though it’s not very common, there is no doubt that these series also feature some of the best blonde haired anime characters.

Throughout anime history some characters have been regarded as the best blonde-haired Anime characters of all time. They have their own style, attitude, and personalities. All of them are unique, but some of them get the most attention from the people.

Beginning from the classic blondes to plenty of modern ones, these anime characters have everything going for them. Inadvertently or not, these blonde haired and different colored eyes characters are often set up as idols for many other fans of a given anime show.

We have gathered here the ten most attractive anime characters with blonde hair.

30 Most Beautiful Best Blonde Haired Anime Characters of All Time

Anime characters who have blonde hair are legendary. Not to everyone, of course, but this color is very interesting, especially if you’re a person that loves anime.

Blonde hair is associated with having a kind and gentle personality, while also being brave and intelligent. So when you look at the top 30 best blonde haired anime characters, it becomes really apparent why they chose this color to symbolize these characteristics.

Blonde hair is beautiful, lovely and spectacular! The moment we have seen a character with blonde hair, we instantly fall in love with them. There’s simply something special about those who have this kind of hair color.

So with that out of the way, here are 30 of fans’ favorite blonde-haired anime characters. Although I freely admit that I could have easily picked a hundred; I feel that this list is more than sufficient for today’s purposes.

  1. Riza Hawkeye
  2. Winry Rockbell
  3. Van Hohenheim
  4. Clare
  5. Naruto Uzumaki
  6. Violet Evergarden
  7. Milly Ashford
  8. Chitoge Kirisaki
  9. Saber
  10. Lutz
  11. Takumi Aldini
  12. Mitsuba Sangu
  13. Armin Arlert
  14. Anzu
  15. Sailor Moon
  16. Katsuki Bakugou
  17. Kisuke Urahara
  18. Kurapika
  19. Beatrice
  20. Anzu Shiina
  21. Eriri Spencer Sawamura
  22. Eikichi Onizuka
  23. Edward Elric
  24. Misa Amane
  25. Zenitsu Agatsuma
  26. Maiko Shu
  27. Dio Brando
  28. Ikumi Mito
  29. Yamato Ishida
  30. Irina Jelavic

So what do you prefer male or female characters with blonde hair? Many anime show are mainly focused on the protagonist of the story.

Some people see blonde-haired characters as being more ‘pure’ and intelligent, which makes them seemingly better choices for anime heroines.

You can find characters with blonde hair in many different shows, but here are some of the most popular. Pick a show to start watching today!

Final Thought

Yellow hair is a huge rarity in Japan, but once we open the door and start looking at the world of anime, it’s possible to see that blonde hair and the characters who possess this shade are among the most popular.

This hair style has been part of anime art since the beginning. It’s a signature look that is instantly recognizable and is characterized by blonde or strawberry blonde locks that are cut to a medium length.

We’ve spent some time finding twelve of the best anime characters with blonde hair, blonde hair with a darker shade, and other shades of blonde that are distinctly their own. Each is talented in their own right and has something special about them.

Whether it’s their style or fighting abilities, their traumatic past or just the way they look, there’s one anime character who stands out from the rest.

We hope that this article has been helpful in convincing you to go get some new anime to watch. We look forward to talking to you again soon, and please feel free to visit our website for more quality content like the one you just read.

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