Top 51 Best Anime Villains Of All Time | Most Evil Characters in The History

Meet the 51 Highest-Rated Anime Villains Of All Time. Anime villains can be incredibly complex and multi-layered, which is why we created this list: to showcase the absolute best villains from anime's most popular series. Creators like Akira Toriyama, Hideaki Anno, and Rumiko Takahashi have all given us astounding anime villains — but which ones deserve the top spot? Check The list.

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Who doesn’t love a good villain? Someone that you can just hate and not feel bad about. Alright, let’s try another one, what makes a great anime villain? What makes them so frightening? Their wicked laugh, their unimaginable strength, their dread, or the fact that they can do whatever they want?

When you think of the word anime villains, what comes to mind? The first thing that pops into my head is “baddie.” After that comes “heavy hitter.” As soon as we hear the phrase best anime villains of all time, a slew of similar questions start running through our minds.

Anime villains are the true highlights of any series. They poison our favorite characters, betray the trust of their comrades, and go above and beyond to defeat their enemies. The concept of villains has been part of storytelling tradition for a very long time, but they are only now being accepted by a larger audience.

Even if you’re not a fan of anime, villains make for a unique story-telling perspective that can be frightening or funny. We have compiled a list of the best anime villains from your favorite anime shows.

Top 51 Best Anime Villains Of All Time | Ultimate List of Most Evil Characters in The History

It is not just the stories told in anime that make them so captivating. It is also necessary to praise their characters, particularly the villains. While everyone has their favorite character, there is no denying that some antagonists need more attention. The ones listed below are among the best of all time.

In the course of following the story of our main characters, they have given us an exciting and interesting ride that represents both good and evil in a true sense.

With so many exciting anime villains, it is hard to identify which are the top 51 best anime villains of all time. Let’s dive into this and try our best to find out together!

  1. Dio Brando
  2. Shinobu Sensui
  3. The Major
  4. Zeke Yeager
  5. Pain
  6. Hakumen no Mono
  7. Ragyo Kiryuin
  8. Naraku
  9. Kenny Ackerman
  10. Vicious
  11. Hisoka
  12. Utsuro
  13. Kaguya Otsutsuki
  14. Gilgamesh
  15. Beerus
  16. Eren Yeager
  17. Johan Liebert
  18. Light Yagami
  19. Mahito
  20. Donquixote Doflamingo
  21. Frieza
  22. Shougo Makishima
  23. Madara Uchiha
  24. Crocodile
  25. Yoshikage Kira
  26. Noroi
  27. Vearn
  28. Junko Enoshima
  29. Meruem
  30. Makoto Shishio
  31. The Jaegers
  32. Yhwach
  33. King Bradley
  34. Boros
  35. Kyubey
  36. Envy
  37. Shogo Makishima
  38. Father
  39. Rize Kamishiro
  40. Obito
  41. Lelouch
  42. Gabriel Miller
  43. Griffith
  44. Tomura Shigaraki
  45. All For One
  46. Bondrewd
  47. Mama Isabella
  48. Sōsuke Aizen
  49. Anti-Spirals
  50. Nagato Uzumaki
  51. Askeladd
  52. Zeke Yaeger


You may not agree with all of our choices, but the most important part is that you understand how we reached the decisions. Don’t be depressed if your favorite villain isn’t on the list, it’s not a competition. By reading this list you should have at least learned something new about anime villains and the genre overall.

The best villains in an anime or manga have to be good enough to make you want to hate them. Even though you know he is bad, you can’t stop watching because you know there is more to come. These are the top villains you’ll find in anime.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Hopefully, you gained some new knowledge. Please give me your feedback by commenting, sharing or liking. We appreciate your support and attention.

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