The Top 51 Best Anime on Netflix To Watch Right Now | Binge-Worthy List

We all love anime, but it can be hard to know what to watch. How do you find new anime to watch? Sure, there are lists, but they're scattered and incomplete. What if you want to see the top 51 best anime on Netflix right now? When you need a new anime binge that's going to blow you away, check out our list of the 51 best anime on Netflix. You'll find everything from classics like Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop to super-recent hits like Violet Evergarden.

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When it comes to anime on Netflix, there’s no shortage of options. You can literally watch anime from any country that’s produced it. And sometimes, you can even watch new anime that’s still airing in Japan!

But with so many potentially great choices, what should you watch? To help you out, we’ve put together the list below, which highlights the best anime on Netflix right now.

Of course, there’s the obvious ones like Death Note or Attack on Titan, but there are some hidden gems in there, too. There’s Cowboy Bebop and Haruhi Suzumiya, and dozens more are loved around the world. You’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

And some of the anime on here are actually pretty new! It’s super exciting to see them added to the service so recently.

So, Grab your popcorn and be ready, because here are 51 of the best anime on Netflix to watch right now.

These are perfect for all kinds of situations. Soothe yourself to sleep or get pumped up when you’re feeling down by taking a trip through some sweet anime.

Anime is great for entertaining, but it can also be a fun way to learn things about life, fantasy worlds, and even breathe new life into some old characters.

The Top 51 Best Anime on Netflix To Watch Right Now | Binge-Worthy List

Looking to get hooked on a new series, but have no idea where to start? Finding and streaming Anime isn’t always easy when the number of titles is constantly growing. Tons of people love anime, but struggle to find great ones. There are so many different anime series out there and they can feel pretty overwhelming.

Giving a thumbs up or down to your favorite Netflix titles can feel like trying to find the best food in a buffet — ten thousand different options and no time to taste them all!

To help you meet your needs and quench your craving, we’ve worked hard and counted the hours to curate this list of the best anime on Netflix for you.

We have watched the Best of the Best and have created this list to help the anime fan who may not have the time or inclination to go through thousands of episodes.

To save you having to do all of your own research, we poured over thousands of Netflix titles and ranked what we think are the 51 Best Anime available on Netflix.

  1. Hunter x Hunter
  2. Great Pretender
  3. 7 Seeds
  4. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  5. Kuroko’s Basketball
  6. Ingress
  7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  8. Code Geass: Lelouche Of The Rebellion
  9. Sword Art Online
  10. Seven Deadly Sins
  11. Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan
  12. Yasuke
  13. Attack on Titan
  14. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  15. Naruto Shippuden
  16. Demon Slayer
  17. Cowboy Bebop
  18. Carole & Tuesday
  19. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
  20. Baki
  21. One-Punch Man
  22. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan
  23. Your Lie in April
  24. Tiger & Bunny
  25. Beastars
  26. Dragon Ball Z
  27. Castlevania
  28. Pokémon Pocket Monsters
  29. Japan Sinks: 2020
  30. Dorohedoro
  31. Aggretsuko
  32. Little Witch Academia
  33. Neon Genesis: Evangelion
  34. Gurren Lagann
  35. Durarara!! and Durarara!!x
  36. Erased
  37. Fate/Zero
  38. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  39. Shaman King
  40. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  41. Death Note
  42. High-Rise Invasion
  43. The Way of the Househusband
  44. Violet Evergarden
  45. Devilman Crybaby
  46. Soul Eater
  47. Ouran High School
  48. Cells At Work
  49. Bleach
  50. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War
  51. Record Of Ragnarock


While there are a lot of new anime that have been added this past year, there are many older anime that really haven’t received the attention they deserve.

With over 51 titles to choose from, we tried our best to include a little something for everyone. Although some people might take offense to the data presented here, that’s not what this list is about.

An opinion is just that, an opinion, and we think we’ve provided enough information on each anime title above for you to make an informed decision and add some great anime titles to your queue.

We hope you have found this list helpful and inspiring. There are a ton of great anime on Netflix so hopefully, some amazing anime has made it onto this list of the best. If you have any more suggestions or feedback, feel free to share in the comments below!

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