Battlefield 2042 : How To Fix Error 327684:1 | Unable to Connect to EA Servers Issue

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We would have never left you if we knew that DICE was going to keep on trucking with Battlefield 2042, but here we are. 2042 appeared on the horizon of the gaming community, and EA has released a beta version of it so that people can see what they have in store for us. What they have not counted on is the fact that players are getting kicked out of servers with an error message reading “327684:1”.

The last few days, an issue has plagued a number of people playing Battlefield 2042, after they preloaded the game to Origin. They started getting an error stating, “Unable to connect to EA Servers with error 327684:1”.

You are receiving this error message because the game’s not live yet and the servers are offline. However, that’s not the only reason why you’re seeing this issue. When the game is released, it’s possible that you might see this issue even. We know Battlefield 2042 fans are more than annoyed by this error which keeps them away from playing. Players are looking for help on how to fix this error and we finally found some time to write a short guide on how it’s done.

A Little Knowledge About Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is an online FPS game from Swedish-based, highly popular video gaming company, EA DICE. Inspired by the Battlefield series and utilizing the Frostbite engine, it is set some 21 years in the future and lets you play through a futuristic version of World War III which has been triggered because of some undercover malicious military operatives.

The game features a surplus of various guns, tons of vehicles and offers some pretty amazing multiplayer perks. It will release on 19th November 2021 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Battlefield 2042 is the first installment in the series that will be solely focused on multiplayer. In addition, this will also be the first Battlefield game to feature cross-platform play between Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation users.

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Unable to Connect to EA Servers Error 327684:1

The Battlefield 2042 servers will be available for access to the public on Oct 06, 07:00 UTC. If you attempt to access the game prior to this time, you will be met with a “Unable to connect to EA’s server” along with an error code 327684:1 message.

If you have reached the end of the early access period and still have difficulty to play Battlefield 2042 and getting EA servers error 327684:1 then there are a few more steps you can take to resolve this error.

Ensure Battlefield 2042 Server Is Up And Running

When you face such error messages, make sure to check the status of the servers before doing any further. Sometimes, the error message shows the status of the servers. The server is likely to be undergoing maintenance or overloaded. So, check it before you proceed with your actions. You can check the server status of the game through various mediums as given below.

  • Twitter
  • Downdetector
  • Official Website

Sometimes, the issue may be with you computer system. Before trying any troubleshooting, please wait for sometime such as a day to see if the issue appears again. Check back here if the issue persists after that time period. However, the issue may be with you if this is your first time playing or you have been away for some time.

Make sure your DNS servers are correct

When playing a multiplayer game, it’s important to make sure the device is connecting to the right server. The Google DNS servers provide you with a more reliable and better connection than most other DNS servers. For the best gaming experience, you should use the Google DNS servers. Here are step by step instructions on how to use Google DNS.

Solution For Windows PC

  • In the first step, press Windows Key + I on your keyboard to open the Windows Settings.
  • Navigate to the Network & Internet section and select Change adapter options.
  • Right-click on the network you are using and choose Properties.
  • Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and go to the Properties.
  • Look for the “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter and for Google DNS and click Ok. Now, you are done.

Solution For PlayStation 4

  • Go to the PlayStation’s main menu and select Settings.
  • Navigate to Network Settings > Internet Connections > Custom.
  • If you are using cable, select LAN, and if you are using wireless, select Wi-Fi.
  • Choose Custom after that, and select Automatic for the IP address setting. In addition, for DHCP hosts, don’t specify the host name; manually set DNS settings, notably and; Automatically set MTU settings; and do not use proxy servers.
  • All done. Now, start the PlayStation 4 by saving and restarting it.

Solution For PS5

  • To begin, Go to the Home Screen and select Settings > Network > Settings.
  • Here, look for the Set Up Internet Connection > Set Up Manually > Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • Now, go to the DNS Settings, enter as Primary DNS > Add as Secondary DNS

Solution For Xbox One

  • Click on Xbox button, then go to Settings > All Settings. Now nevigate to the Network > Advanced Settings
  • In Advance Settings, go to the DNS Settings and then click on Manual. Now, here you have to Enter Primary DNS as > Enter Secondary DNS as

Solution For Xbox Series X|S

  • Open your console, Go to the Configuration > General > Network Configuration > Advanced Settings
  • In Advance Settings, select DNS Settings > Manual > Enter Primary DNS as > Enter Secondary DNS as

While the above solution is most likely to resolve the EA Servers Error 327684:1 for most people, you can do a full restart of your computer if you’re still having troubles. In the event that this doesn’t help, the issue might be on the end of EA/DICE and a fix might be on the way soon. Stay patient and you will eventually be able to play Battlefield 2042 again.

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