Baldur’s Gate 3: Getting BG3 Sneak Attack Not Working Issue? Here’s How To Fix It

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Baldur’s Gate 3, the much-anticipated sequel in the classic Baldur’s Gate roleplaying game series, offers players intricate character builds and combat mechanics . One such beloved combat mechanic is the sneak attack – allowing rogues and other nimble combatants to deal devastating damage when catching enemies unawares. However, some players have reported frustrations with attempted sneak attacks seemingly having no effect in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This bizarre bug can leave would-be rogues scratching their heads wondering why their sneaky strikes aren’t landing. But don’t sheathe your daggers yet! While Larian Studios works on a permanent fix, there are a few workarounds that may get sneak attack working again. From restarting to tweaking stats, equiping weapons and monitoring combat reactions, here are some troubleshooting tips to Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Sneak Attack Not Working Issue.

How To Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Sneak Attack Not Working Issue?

Restart the Game and Your Device

Before trying anything too complex, restarting Baldur’s Gate 3 itself can alleviate temporary glitches causing the sneak attack issue. Close and relaunch the game – this resets statuses, reloads assets, and refreshes certain mechanics.

Restarting your entire PC or device can also help rule out any OS or hardware-related problems. Though simple, this quick reboot process has helped some players get their sneak attacks firing once again.

Verify Sneak Attack Advantage

Sneak attacks hinge on striking undetected. Without advantage, these risky blows often miss.

Before attacking, check if attack rolls display a green upward arrow – the advantage indicator. If yes, you have the upper hand to land a devastating sneak attack.

If there is no advantage marker, the odds are even. Reconsider your approach. Retreat and reestablish secrecy rather than gamble on an unaided roll.

Sneak attacks require the right conditions to maximize damage. Ensure advantage is active, then strike to fell unaware enemies in a single deadly blow.

Review Sneak Attack Prerequisites

Often the most basic factors get overlooked, causing problems. So, verify key requirements for sneak attacks before proceeding:

  • The attacker is a Rogue class character
  • They are within 5 feet of the target
  • They have a finesse weapon equipped
  • The target is unaware of their presence
  • Confirm desired melee vs ranged sneak attack icons are on your hotbar (If missing, press K to add)

By reconfirming these core conditions are met, you can avoid issues from overlooking simple prerequisites for sneak attacks to activate correctly.

Use a Character With High Proficiency or Dexterity

Assuming all conditions are met, the next culprit making your sneak attack fizzle could be insufficient character stats. A successful sneak attack relies primarily on either your proficiency bonus or your character’s dexterity depending on class and build. At lower values your chance to hit and critical strike are reduced even when concealed.

Upgrading these attributes through level-ups and equipment boosts can thus drastically improve sneak attack consistency. Playing a rogue? Pump points into Dexterity or enhance this key stat. For rangers, focus on welfare and proficiency boosting gear instead. With improved odds, sneak attacks can once again hit hard.

Arm Melee Finesse Weapons to Enable Ranged Sneak Attacks

Some rogues report ranged sneak attacks failing despite preparations. Oddly, equipping a finesse melee weapon in the offhand enables triggering the strike.

While the cause remains unclear, this simple gear tweak reliably activates the sticky ranged backstabs.

So when setting up stealthy sniper shots, be sure to dual-wield with a dagger or rapier backup. This allows executing elusive long-range critical ambushes with consistency. Get your gear in order, then let the arrows fly for jackpot damage.

Use the Reactions Tab

Finally, utilize Baldur’s Gate 3’s reactions tab for extra assurance your sneak attacks apply their bonus damage. Wondering how? Simple! Just go to the reactions tab or menu, pick the choice that inquires about your preference for triggering Sneak. Now moving forward, watch for the “Sneak Attack” reaction prompt which confirms when an enemy is vulnerable to bonus backstab damage on your next strike. Choose this reaction whenever it pops up for a guaranteed sneak attack.


Alright, so, wrapping it up – dealing with the whole sneaky sneak problem in Baldur’s Gate 3 can seriously get on your nerves. But don’t throw in the towel just yet! Dive into the tricks we spilled here, and you’ll be backstabbing like a pro in no time. Quick recap: reboot the game and your gadget, get cozy with the specific conditions, pick characters with ninja-level skills, try that finesse melee weapon loophole, and hit up the reactions tab. Hopefully, these fixes save your gaming day.

Give these workarounds a shot, and spill the deets on how it went. Got thoughts, ideas, or more tips up your sleeve? We’re all ears! Let’s keep cruising through the wild Baldur’s Gate 3 adventures with our sneak attacks unscathed. Game on, my friend!

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