Baldur’s Gate 3: Getting BG3 Respec Choices Pending Bug: Here’s How To Fix It

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Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players an immersive gameplay experience with its expansive world, customizable characters, and engrossing storytelling. However, some players have encountered the disruptive Respec Choices Pending bug which prevents effective character progression. This article provides an overview of the BG3 Respec Choices Pending Bug, discusses its impact, outlines workarounds suggested by the community, and offers guidance to affected players while developer Larian Studios prepares an official fix.

Understanding The BG3 Respec “Choices Pending” Bug

The Respec “Choices Pending” bug manifests when players attempt to respec or multiclass characters, resulting in an inability to confirm new skill and spell choices. While the interface allows allocation changes to be made, the “Confirm Changes” button grays out – locking selections as perpetually “Pending.”

This prevents alternate specialization paths for PCs, particularly problematic for hybrid classes like the Ranger which require tactful combinations of magic and combat abilities. The overall effect hampers enjoyment by limiting progression options meant to empower creativity.

The causes of the bug remain unspecified, though prevailing theories suggest conflicts between old and newly integrated systems around skill and ability management. As an early access game still in active development, specs likely shift frequently – introducing new bugs. Thankfully, fixes tend to follow in subsequent patches.

Current Status and Expected Fixes

Larian representatives have acknowledged the Respec Choices Pending bug among active forums and communities. However, they have not yet indicated a definitive fix coming in any specific update. Still, their consistent patching schedule and open communication with players should assure those affected that a solution is forthcoming.

Some speculate the bug arose from the Druid class implementation in Patch 8, hence expectations it may be resolved in the Druid-focused Patch 9. However, with no confirmed connection, players should avoid betting on any single update. Larian’s ongoing list of known issues of active investigation stands as the best signal of their commitment to eventually resolve each bug.

How To Fix Baldur’s Gate 3 Or BG3 Respec “Choices Pending” Bug: Community Suggested Workarounds

Unable to progress and unwilling to wait idly, many players have found solutions to bypass or minimize the impacts of the bug through clever workarounds. The most widely shared suggestions are highlighted below.

Restarting The Game

For some, simply reloading the game session allows temporarily confirming respec choices. This workaround provides short term relief to proceed for another play session before hitting the bug again.

Removing Specific Mods

One possible approach to cope with the Respec “Choices Pending” bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 is uninstalling mods. Some people think the cause of this is due to the mods they are using. Specifically, fancy ones such as “Fantastical Multiverse” and “ImprovedUI”. Taking them out may just resolve the issue. Keep in mind that sometimes several mods could combine in an unusual way and cause unpredicted errors. Therefore, it is better try out the level-up procedure without some mods in order to discover why this bug functions like that.

Class Combination Considerations

Perhaps it was because of some specific class combinations related to Rangers and Rogues among others that the Respec “Choices Pending” in Baldur’s gate 3 took place. For example, some have claimed that it has worked for them to change them up by choosing Ranger, Ranger, and Rogue in that sequence. However, it is possible to bypass this limitation in some conditions, for example while choosing between Ranger, Rogue, and Ranger. In particular, it would allow certain combinations of spells like Longstrider, Enhanced Leap, or Speak with Animals to make the Using various combinations of classes and spells may be a short-term stopgap measure before implementing an official resolution.

Bard Level 10+ Fix

The easiest quick-fix for such a glitch with your Bard, especially at level 10 and above, may be clicking on “skills”, and adding some fresh ones. Some may view it as a trivial thing, but surprising as it may sound – helping such player’s get rid of the problem.

Reselecting All Skills

A Redditor suggested a workaround for the persistent bug: unattune then re-attune all skills. This trick has allowed some users to bypass the issue and resume leveling up their characters.

Verifying Game Cache

In the last case, you may as well try another option involving the game files. However, if the issue persists, you may consider reaching out to the official support channels for the game. Open Steam client, right click on the game in your library, select properties, and then open Installed Files tab for checking of files. There, you will be able to check the reliability of the files’ contents. Check and correct them before start your game.

Contacting Larian Support

If no community suggestions provide relief, Larian’s official Baldur’s Gate 3 support team gladly accepts contact about unresolved bugs that block progression. They quickly respond with specialized troubleshooting or workarounds for individuals.

Guidance While Awaiting the Official Fix

Despite the Respec Choices Pending bug’s frustrating impairment of intended Baldur’s Gate 3 play, clever players discovered viable workarounds to bypass the issues while awaiting Larian’s official fix. By restarting sessions, monitoring mods, reconsidering class combinations, and directly contacting support channels, affected gamers can continue enjoying the accessibly forgiving early access experience.

Those encountering unfamiliar bugs should first reference their vast online knowledge base – either via Reddit communities or Larian’s official bug reporting form. Monitoring gaming news media like TheMRPC regularly further equips players with latest workarounds as updates and patches continually polish this brilliant cRPG. Though rocky starts are expected developing such ambitious games, Larian Studios undoubtedly works diligently towards fulfilling their creative vision – likely resolving the Respec Choices Pending issue sooner than later.

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