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How to Automatically Delete Google Search And Location History

Google collects your data like your web search history, location history, all kind of web activity Google search, YouTube Search and other activities that you do over the internet. That is why it is very important one should delete their online activity regularly to protect their privacy concerns.

How to Automatically Delete Google Search And Location History

Google is now globally rolling out a very new feature by which users can delete their online activity automatically manually. These activities are your google search activity, location history, web and app activities, etc.

This feature can give better user experience as the user can delete their google activity log, can delete all history from their account. As a privacy concern, everyone should always disable these feature from a google account so you can be protected from being fraud online.

In this article, You will know how to automatically delete location and search history in your Google account. And also, steps to disable location history, web and app activity, activity history.

Delete location and search history automatically from the Google activity log

Follow the steps to delete location and activity history from Google activity log. So, let’s start.

  • 1.) Open your Google Account.
  • 2) Click Data & Personalization from the menu of the left panel.
  • 3.) Under the “Activity controls” section, click the Manage your activity controls option.

  • 4.) Under the “Web & App Activity” (or “Location History”) section, click the Manage activity button.

  • 5.) Click the “Choose to delete automatically” and then Choose how long to keep button.

  • 6.) There are three options: A)Keep until I delete manually (default).  B)Keep for 18 months and 
    C) Keep for 3 months. Choose one these option as per your choice.
  • 7.) Click the Next button.
  • 8.) Click the Confirm button.
  • 9.) Click the Got it button.

And Done..!!

When you follow these steps Web & App Activity that you did will be deleted automatically after the duration that you selected.

Disable location history

Similarly, as the above step, you can also disable location and search history. Just follow the steps.

  1. Open your Google Account.
  2. Click  Data & Personalization from the left menu.
  3. Click the “Manage your activity controls” under the “Activity controls” section,
  4. Toggle off the Web & App Activity (and Location History) in “Activity controls”
  5. Click on the Pause button.

After the completion of these steps, Google will no longer collect your online activity. And these data will be deleted gradually from the database between the period 3 months to 18 months as you selected.

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