Apex Legends Update 1.000.054 Patch Note Details: Explore What’s New

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Respawn Entertainment is dedicated to improving Apex Legends with the release of update 1.000.054 on all gaming platforms. Even though it’s called a minor update, it brings important fixes that make the gameplay better. As dedicated players explore the new changes, let’s go through the official Apex Legends Update 1.000.054 patch notes from Respawn Entertainment to get a full understanding.

Apex Legends Update 1.000.054 Patch Notes:

Here is a breakdown of the confirmed fixes provided directly by Respawn Entertainment:

  1. Bullet Tracers Precision:

    • Bullet tracers will now accurately originate from their intended locations, adding a layer of precision to the visual aspects of gunfire. This enhancement contributes to a more immersive and realistic combat experience for players.
  2. Revenant’s Ultimate Shield Progression:

    • The long-awaited fix arrives for Revenant enthusiasts. Shooting Revenant’s Ultimate shield will now correctly contribute the intended amount of Evo armor progress. This adjustment ensures a fair and balanced evolution in the heat of battle.
  3. Player Profile Visibility:

    • An issue where player profiles would sometimes appear black during inspection has been successfully resolved. This fix restores clarity to the gaming interface, allowing players to seamlessly inspect their teammates or opponents without any visual hindrances.

Known Issues Under Investigation:

As Respawn Entertainment diligently addresses player feedback and experiences, there are several ongoing investigations outlined on the official Apex Legends Trello board. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ballistic Weapon Swap Crash: [Ballistic]

    • Investigating a crash occurring after swapping the primary weapon into sling and immediately equipping it after entering TDM/Control game modes.
  2. Trident Exit Rotation:

    • Legends may experience rotation when exiting a Trident vehicle, adding an unexpected twist to the vehicular gameplay dynamics.
  3. High FPS Stuttering:

    • Players engaging at 165+ FPS may encounter stuttering during specific gameplay scenarios. Respawn Entertainment is actively working to optimize performance for players with high refresh rate setups.

Issues Under Active Progress:

Additionally, there are ongoing efforts to address and rectify issues that are currently in progress. These include:

  1. FS_CheckAsyncRequest Crashes:

    • Crashes referencing FS_CheckAsyncRequest when loading into a map are being actively addressed to ensure a stable gaming experience.
  2. Data Mismatch Error:

    • Some players may encounter the Detected Data Mismatch error, a concern that Respawn Entertainment is actively investigating and working to resolve.
  3. Nvidia Reflex Greyed Out: [DX11]

    • Players using DX11 may have experienced the Nvidia Reflex option being greyed out. The development team is actively working to restore this feature for affected players.


As the Apex Legends community enjoys the newest Update 1.000.054, Respawn Entertainment’s commitment to making the gaming experience better is evident. Although the patch mainly addresses fixes, the ongoing work on different issues shows a dedication to providing a smooth and enjoyable gameplay. Keep an eye out for more updates, and we’ll keep you informed about the latest happenings in the ever-changing world of Apex Legends. Have a great time gaming!

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