4 Easy Way To Create Bootable Windows 7/8/10 USB Pen Drive or Flash Drive

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There is 4 different and easy way to create to bootable USB Pendrive /flash drive. In this article, we will be discussing those 4 methods. Read fully this article and comment down below that which will you prefer.

First of all, See what are those 4 methods.

  • Create a bootable USB using CMD command
  • Create a bootable USB using the third-party software.
  • Using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
  • Using Microsoft Media creation Tool

Now, Let’s know the first, How to make bootable pen drive using CMD Command. The other three tools require some external software But if you do not have such software you can do it using CMD. Simply follow the step by step procedure to make the bootable flash drive.

1.) Create A Bootable USB using CMD command: –

  1. The very step is to Plug in USB flash drive into your computer.
  2. Click on [wp-svg-icons icon=”windows8″ wrap=”i”] Start Menu and type CMD,  Right click on CMD and Run as Administrator.
  3. Now you Command Prompt as an administer mode. Now type diskpart and hit enter. Wait for some time until the diskpart finishes processing.
  4. In the new diskpart window, now type list disk and hit enter.
  5. After you hit enter, you will see two Disk types.
    Disk 0 and, Disk 1. Disk 0 is for the Hard Drive that is installed in your system and other Disk 1 is for your USB Flash Drive.
  6. Since we are willing to create a bootable USB using CMD, so, we will select Disk 1
  7. Type select disk 1 in the same window and hit Enter. You will get a message ‘Disk 1 is now the selected disk’.
  8. Now disk 1 is selected. Now you have to erase all data from the USB. So, Type clean and hit Enter. Clean command will format your bootable drive. You will get a message like ‘Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk’.
  9. Type create partition primary and hit Enter. You will get a message like “Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition”.
  10. Type select partition 1 and hit Enter. It will choose partition 1 for setting up it as an active partition.
  11. Now, type active and hit Enter.
  12. Now, type format fs=ntfs quick and hit Enter. This command will format your current partition as NTFS file system quickly.
  13. Type exit and hit Enter.

That is it, Done..!!

2.) Create a bootable USB using the third-party software: –

As it is the software method, you have to download and install the required software. It is very easy and convenient to install the software and make a bootable USB drive. There is a number of tools that makes it easy. Out of those, in this article, we will be talking about then Rufus. If you are willing to make Windows 10 USB drive then you must have essential element before you start.

These are

  • Rufus Sofware
  • Windows 10 ISO file
  • A USB drive with at least 8 GB of minimum space.

Now, let’s Start..!!

  1. First of all, Download Rufus. If you already have then skip this step otherwise download it first.
  2. Launch Rufus.exe
  3. Insert Your USB when you see the interface of Rufus.
  4. Look on “Create a bootable USB drive” and click on it.
  5. Select the ISO file Windows 10 that you have in your Computer system.
  6. Now click the button next to this menu and click the Windows 10 ISO file that you want to install in your system.
  7. Hit enter and process will start.
  8. Once it has done, your bootable USB is finally made. Now, Just remove it and re-insert it into your system and follow the procedure of installing the Windows 10.

3.) Create a bootable USB using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool: –

It is also the Software process and requirements are the same as above. You need a USB inserted, Windows 10 iso file will be saved in your system and Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

You must these tools in order to make a bootable flash drive. So, let’s start it.

  1. As for ease, empty your USB. Format it and make it empty and then insert it into the USB port of the computer.
  2. Download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and install it.
  3. Now, after the installation, run it.
  4. Click “Browse” to locate your Windows ISO file and then click “Next”.


5. Click “USB device”. 

6. Now, click “Begin copying.”

7. If you are no formatted your USB then a message will prompt asking you to format your USB. click “Erase USB Device.” You won’t see this warning If you started with a newly-formatted USB drive.


8. Now, close the tool when it finishes.


4.) Create a bootable USB Using Microsoft Media creation Tool: –

Out of all these, This is the easiest method.

1. Download the windows media creation tool from https://software-download.microsoft.com/download/pr/MediaCreationTool1903.exe
2. Select create installation media for another PC.
3.SelectLanguage/Edition and Architecture. Gain more knowledge about it click the link https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10
4. Choose “USB flash drive” for Bootable USB or ISO file for Bootable DVD.

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