Samsung Patents Suggest Galaxy Fold 2 With A Bigger External Screen, Might Come In 2020

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The South Korean Company Samsung Unveiled its first foldable devices earlier this year. But due to some issues in the display, the review units were recalled launch was postponed. Now, there are a few weeks left for the relaunch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. According to the reports, The device will come with a new concept of design which will be wrapped off in September. Some speculated reports suggest that Samsung might also launch a second foldable phone in the spring of 2020. According to these, a Galaxy Fold 2 is already being manufactured and launch date could be finalized by the Samsung at IFA 2019 event which will start on 6th September in Berlin.

Galaxy Fold 2

New Design Of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

According to the Letsgodigital report, Samsung is already working on the entirely new design of the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung applied for three new foldable phone design patents in the European Union Intellectual Property Office. LetsGoDigital has prepared color renderings based on the sketches in the patent documentation.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

That patents are revealing that two design of three look pretty similar to what we’re getting with the Galaxy Fold in September. The key difference between these two is being a smaller notch when unfolded in these new designs. The last design of the device shows a horizontally folding phone instead of a traditional vertically folding phone.

The first details let us know that the device will have an 8-inch screen. This screen is larger than the original Fold. And this increase is attributed to the reduction of bezels and the inner notch. The design patent shows the new model might come with 6 cameras in total: 3 at the back, 1 in the front, and 2 in the notch. The design is not entirely clear. But the latest patents filed by Samsung allow us to know, to some extent, what is to come.

In the patents, a smaller notch has clearly be seen. This notch will be featured at centered or at one of the sides. The leaks of this Galaxy Fold 2 also tell us that the device will arrive with a very thin flexible glass sheet. It will improve the experience with respect to the current panel.

We can expect this device by mid-2020. Although Samsung could announce it at the MWC in Barcelona and show it to the public before its sale. For now, we recommend taking all the information with caution, as there are no details confirmed at the moment.

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